Core strength for cyclists …

Think I need to try this


I used to be a runner. I ran a lot. Most days. One day, after years of training, I felt my power originating from my core, not my legs or arms. My body, my arms and legs moved in unison with each and every stride.

I used to be a golfer. A good one. At one point, when I hit balls most days, I played to a 5 handicap. One day, after playing for years, I realized my power came from my core not my legs, arms or forearms. My entire body moved in unison as I took the club away, rotating fully into the backswing and then down, delivering the club back precisely to the ball.

Today, I cycle. I cycle a lot. In recent years, I realize my power on the bike originates from my core. My legs, upper body and arms working in unison to deliver maximum power…

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