The Living Mountain on the telly

I was cameraman for this show – beautiful mountain beautiful book …. can’t wait for the TX


Nan Shepherd, author of Cairngorms book The Living Moungtain Nan Shepherd, author of the classic ‘The Living Mountain’

When it comes to classic books about the Cairngorms, Seton Gordon normally comes top of the list for his long out of print ‘The Cairngorm Hills of Scotland’.

It is an excellent book too, as is the equally inspiring ‘Charm of the Hills’, which is also mainly concerned with the Cairngorms.

But it’s always the quiet ones you have to look out for and, creeping unobtrusively into the light some 30 or so years after it was written was Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’, a small masterpiece which was a fraction of the size of Gordon’s book and so often talked in generalities where he wrote of specifics, yet which gives what I (and many others) feel is the truest and most inspiring picture of a very special range of mountains.

Written during and just after World War Two, it wasn’t…

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