New Year – New Drive

After a trip to Cuba in mid December for two weeks I stopped exercise – I thought I might lose weight in Cuba what with the heat and the really crap food everywhere (the exception being fruit which was umnmolested by human hand) but NO – those 4 cocktails a night and the beers took their toll and i returned to Scotland the Heaviest I have ever been in my life.


I am only 175cm tall and have been 67 – 70 most of my life. I would like to pretend and say it is the muscle i carry (as it weighs more than fat) but sadly it seems to be a spare tyre.

lovehandle tastic
lovehandle tastic
more than an inch to pinch
more than an inch to pinch

So January sees (well from the 5th) No Alcohol / no cakes / no chocolate / no alcohol (had to say it twice) Also lots of cycling / spinning / running planned (despite winters best efforts to derail)

Will update at the end of the month on where I am …. but here is the start

Screenshot 2015-01-06 14.47.45


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