New Year Resolution and How did I do in 2014

Looking back this was my list in 2013 (for 2014) those i completed i put in Red (for those browsing on mobiles apps you might have to change to browser or desktop)

Here are my new years resolutions, reinforced with a lovely Talisker 10 year old malt (or Scotchliscious and those west of the water would say) and captured with screen grabs and a leap of faith.
Invest in that touring bike and plan some trips to make it really count. BUILT THE BIKE AND HAD SOME Great RIDES BUT NO TRIPS     1/2 point

Increase or improve my Strava KOM and PR status (but not if i have to finish a segment inside my own home) Had 5 KOM last year (not that they stayed) 1 point

Not shy away from the Sufferfest turbo sessions LESS maybe – no points

Complete the eTape Caledonian and Pennines with proper training under my belt Completed both but not with training yet I beat all the friends i was with so 1 point

Have a bikeFit – to make sure that I improve position, power delivery and comfort Err this year

Do at least one mountain bike marathon race this year with close buddies and do the longer distance option (normally 85km and 2000m+ of climbing) Err this year

Remember not to be a bad name for cycling (red lights etc) Done 1 point

Campaign and lobby for our two wheeled lot and complete the free Bike film I promised  Done 1 point

Sail up the inner hebrides over summer.  boat sold – wrecked resolution 

Don’t leave the organisation of that sail until the last minute.  boat sold – wrecked resolution 

Kitesurfing – don’t always jump on port tack only – embrace the learning curve of jumping to starboard (and the occasional smack down)  Done 1 point

Ride more. Kitesurf more. Sail more. Run more Road same kitesurfer more sailed more until boat sold and ran less 1.5/3

Ride more…..Ride more…..

SO 7/12 …… Pahhhhh


So What for 2015

  • Backpacking trip on the Fat Bike – Cairngorms or the Western Isles (bonus if i do both)
  • Do eTape Caledonia quicker (hard with last years 33km/h average)
  • Do Mountain Bike Marathon (Selkirk 85km is the week before the eTape – good training or bad taper)
  • Do more kitesurfing
  • Do more Stand up Paddleboarding



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