Misc V. 24 The Difference Between Privileged and Spoiled

I agree with the sentiments ……

Scribble on the Roadside

A friend of mine might have used the phrase, “privileged backpackers” in a derogatory manner. I won’t link the post to keep her privacy, but none the less, I wish I could show the disappointment reeking from her comment. There seemed to be a passive aggressiveness within the context implying that travelers are spoiled and possibly, ungrateful. Ironically she failed to mention her own travel experience to Vietnam and Ethiopia, which makes her a traveller in her own right.

There is no one right way to travel but to explore, is indeed a privilege. Not everyone has the opportunities, means, will, or desire to visit another country. But there is nothing wrong with being financially stable enough to see what is beyond our own borders. Whether it be with the help of our families or achieved through our own hard work.

Like many backpackers, I am financially dependent but worked…

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