Fat bikes don’t fit

Well the roof racks on the car have had to resort to straps to secure the wheels …..


Went down the beach for a test ride on the sand with the bike whilst waiting for the wind to kick in for kitesurfing. It is good on sand but as I discovered also very good over seaweed strewn rocks and kelp. Cycled right on the edge of the water with spray going everywhere – all I could think of was RUST which is stupid as bike wouldn’t be left with salt water all over it. In fact I had the sprayer in the car so rinsed it down on my return. Only did 10km but on sand that felt longer – riding down the dunes on the very soft sand felt very strange and I worked out that turns had to be gradual and carved to stop the tyre digging in.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 20.07.41
Great fun

Afterwards the wind kicked and had a great hour and a half on my small 6m wave kite. Top day.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 20.07.07


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