Film time thursday

‘Wild’ Bill Meier – locally famous NYC pizza delivery cyclist – RIP

This here is a beautifully shot documentary which contains a brief look into the life and career of New York City-based pizza delivery courier Bill Meier.

Mr Meier, known by many around him as Wild Bill, was a scruffy looking bike courier, who sadly passed away this week.

Here’s a brief description of the man in this video by Reddit user scoofy:

“He rode a white continuum frame that was apparently a gift from the manufacturer. He would pine about ragbrai. He’d borrow my pump far more often than he should have. He never wore a helmet. He never used brakes. He always road with one hand while carrying pizza. The only conditions he didn’t ride in was hurricane sandy, because it closed the shop, anything else was fair game. I honestly don’t know how he managed it.”


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