Folding Bike Touring

Love the fact that touring on a folding bike is doable – makes me think I should use the Brompton more

Joe Cruz

In Greece on a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro, which I’d done in New Zealand, Ireland, and the Pyrenees. I’ve recently modified it with flat bars and thumb shifters to afford a more taking-in-the-scenery position. With 37mm tires, this bike is surprisingly capable on dirt tracks, gravel roads, and, of course, quiet paved roads. Sure, the small wheels get stuck in holes more easily, so finding the line takes more concentration. And when you do hit something, you’re less likely to roll over it than on a big wheel bike. But—for the most part—wherever I would happily point a ‘cross bike shod with 32’s, I’d point the Bike Friday.



IMG_0525It’s hard to overstate the ease of packing and transporting this kind of bicycle.
Rolling in about 10 minutes, packed in under 15.



Rapha padded briefs
Swrve softshell knickers
Icebreaker long sleeve merino top
Merino socks

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