Quick and easy tubeless set up for a fat bike

Need to go fat tubeless – here is how it is done

Fatbike Brigade

An article by Bullet.

I’ve been wanting to convert the Farley to tubeless for a long time now but wasn’t confident that the process was going to be as easy and reliable as I wanted. I like to over complicate things and feel like a simple solution is generally the best. As it turns out the process was very easy, relatively inexpensive, and the results have been exceptional. Here is how I did it.
Your parts list is simply; a roll of Gorilla Tape ($14.99), a set of Stan’s tubeless valve stems ($12.99), and a 16 ounce bottle of Stan’s sealant ($14.99). You may need a set of tire levers, and an air compressor is pretty important for airing up your tires quickly. I’m not sure you can do this without one.

Step 1 – Remove your tube and tire. If you’re using a standard rim strip make sure it…

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