Cycling and the wind – there is a cure

Don’t Go – this weekend the forecast was pretty mean and the cyclists I spoke to afterwards had scary tails – from the front 3 in a group being blown sideways in the road narrowly missing a car to a solo friends 30km battle into the 40know headwind ….

Screenshot 2015-03-11 14.08.53

I went kitesurfing instead and had a whale of a time. sure it is winter and cold and i hate kitesurfing in full gimp kit (hoodie gloves and boots as well) and after 1 hour you have to take a break but still what a great day

Screenshot 2015-03-11 14.13.14

what is interesting is putting the details into veloviewer and analysing speed there in the data sections – most of my time is spent in the 28kmh-30kmh (16knots in old nautical money) zone which when you work out that involves jumping and riding waves is pretty fast. and a good low cardio fat burn heart rate of 120-130bpm

Screenshot 2015-03-11 13.59.53
Zones in the veloviewer website

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3 thoughts on “Cycling and the wind – there is a cure”

    1. Well barometric sensor in the Garmin Fenix – jumps on the board are between 10-35 foot but they never register really – the spikes are generally when you mess up and plow into the water. Tide was coming in – on Strava as you scroll down track you see the track veer downwind 30 foot every jump …. I guess I am a data nerd

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