Wet cobbles and pre-race cuddles

As written here (underneath) cycling the Classics is definitely very hard ……


Pro cycling is the self-styled ‘toughest sport in the world.’

Depending on who you ask there are plenty of other contenders for that particular title – boxing, mixed martial-arts, cross-country skiing, gymnastics, rugby league – but few who know anything about cycling could argue that it’s not for the faint hearted.

Also I’m a cyclist…so it gets my vote!

Take the 2015 version of Gent-Wevelgem, a prestigious one-day classic of around 200 kilometres which featured 40mph winds, driving rain, low temperatures, slippery cobbles, and dozens of the best cyclists on the world fighting for the same narrow stretch of the same road.

These kind of conditions are not unusual for bike racing in Belgium in the spring, but this year’s edition of this classic one day race was even more epic than most; the fact that the race had just 39 finishers of the 200 or so who took the…

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