– what cyclists hate

Here are 18 things that we (thats reckon every cyclist hates. Do you agree?

my comments in red

1. for me Cars skimming you going past – or twats leaning out to scream shout or scare.

1 Clicking down a gear, only to find out you’re already in the lowest gear
That’s bad. Really bad. Really?

2 Thinking you’re at the top of the hill, then discovering you aren’t
What, there’s more? How much more? Oh no! Not great but not hate stuff

3 The bonk
Blowing up, the hunger knock, hitting the wall… When you’re out of energy, it feels like the end of the world. the shivers the food fantasy – not nice

4 Creaks and squeaks

Is it the headset? The bottom bracket? The saddle rails? Your knees?

You can sometimes go around the whole bike systematically eliminating each individual component as the source of a mysterious noise until there are none left. And it still bloody creaks. Yes

5 Red traffic lights
They’re especially bad if they’re at the bottom of a hill. All that momentum gone in a flash. Grrr!

6 Cold fingers
Still, it’s not as bad as the feeling of cold fingers coming back to life. That’s pure evil.

7 Punctures
It goes without saying, really.

8 You attack as hard as you can, check over your shoulder to see how much of a gap you have… and they’re still on your wheel

9 Forgetting you’re clipped in until it’s too late
Don’t even try to make out it didn’t hurt. You’re fooling no one.

10 Your light goes out
You knew you should have recharged it, didn’t you?

11 It starts to rain the moment you put your kit on
You had nice weather all morning too. Also, while we’re at it: needing to use the toilet as soon as you put your bibs on. rain nah toilet yes

12 Putting on wet kit for your commute home
It rained on the way into work this morning and the seatpad is still soggy. Urgh!

13 Unacknowledged waves
You wave or nod at a cyclist coming the other way and they don’t do it back. Rude!

14 Tyre sidewall going
The first you feel is a strange knocking coming from either the fork or the chainstays. If you’re really unlucky, within a few seconds you’ll hear a sound like a gunshot. That’s the inner tube exploding. Now you’re in trouble. I had this quite true

15 Getting dropped
Ooh, that hurts!

16 Running out of drink

This usually happens when you’re in the back of beyond, rarely when there’s a service station just around the corner.

17 The turbo

A lot of us do it, but only as a means to an end. You put up with the short-term pain for the long-term fitness gains. But you know there are some lunatics who actually enjoy it? Dont mind

18 Getting caught in the rain

This usually happens just after you’ve cleaned your bike, when you’re wearing a white jersey, or on the day you forgot your waterproof.. Man up


3 thoughts on “ – what cyclists hate”

  1. 1. Broken glass on the bicycle path
    6. Cold toes.
    11. It stops raining the moment you put your kit on.

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