Bikepacking 101: What To Pack And How To Pack It

thoughts on a worthwhile musing – how to pack properly


cropped-img_20150403_121556115.jpg Here is my Salsa Ti Fargo fully loaded and ready to go.

What better way to explore the world than from the seat of your bike? Knowing how to pack small and light on the bike can make all the difference when it comes to hauling your traveling home around.  I’ve experimented with several different set ups and have found that there really is no best set up.  It’s all situational.  However, there certainly are best practices to follow to ensure you are getting the most out of your gear.   The good news is, if you’re already an ultra light hiker, the gear transitions beautifully for bikepacking..   I’ve careened down valleys in the Ozarks and explored the forest roads of Northern Minnesota aboard my bikes.  My weapon of choice these days is the Salsa Ti Fargo.  This is my spirit bike.

When packing my gear, I like to keep…

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