Theatre Thursday – 10 days with Lenten

Up to the point he punches the beach and dislocates his hand – OUCH

The Red Bull King of the Air stole my heart from when I first saw the photos appear on the Internet around 2003. Massive jumps performed by pioneers such as Flash Austin, Max Bo and of course Robby Naish. The guys were flying huuugggee in Hawaii… and that was my inspiration.

For years I competed at the Freestyle World Tour, which was awesome… 16 years old, traveling the world to master the most technical tricks and ride with the world’s best talent. A rollercoaster ride, that’s for sure.
It wasn’t until the Red Bull King of the Air in 2005 when I really found out what I loved about the sport so much. Going big!

Now ten years later, the Red Bull King of the Air runs again… this time in Cape Town and it’s a great platform for the sport with some epic riders involved. It pushes and promotes the sport, the brands, riders and lifestyle big time, so I love it. Sharing the passion with the world!

For this year Red Bull King of the Air Mother Nature didn’t supply us the proper goods and was messing around with us for 3 days! On top of that four other things happened which eventually threw me off of balance resulting in me not performing the way I wanted. Two of my hardest crashes ever put me into a bit of a downward spiral and I ended up getting pretty upset… learning a lesson or two and now I am happily moving on as a Freerider! 😀


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