TdF cycle art

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1st tour

1903, the first tour

Huge, demanding, romantic, superhuman, soap opera on wheels. All of these things and more. The Tour De France captures the hearts of sports fans every July – unlike other cycling events, the TdF seems to woo admirers from all corners – and for cycling inspired artists, endlessly. Here’s a brief snapshot of TDF art, from prosaic beginnings to modern clean lines, spanning quite an artistic spectrum. All images are linked back to their creators, personal websites and/or online shops.


1925 print from Meterore.

Speeding cyclists blaze a trail through the length of France.

La Ronder

1942 print

A celebration of descending; hairpin bends, no helmets, steely resolve.

Tour De France 49

1949 print

Almost the precise reverse, straight line climbing.


1952 print

Wonderful modern – and faintly Eastern European – styling.


1954, edition of Tintin comic

Everyone’s favourite reporter at the TdF.


1983 jersey guide


2009 TdF ‘Watch party’ Austin, Texas

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