Dream Bike: Purple Elephant

found on radavist …

Golden Saddle Rides: Purple Pachyderm Elephant Tourer

As a bike shop owner, you see a lot of interesting customer projects roll through the doors. For Kyle, Woody, David and Ty at Golden Saddle Cyclery, it’s this steady influx of unique projects that keeps them engaged in the day to day shop routines. Once and a while, however, something rolls through that catches your eye.

How could you miss it? A purple pachyderm. An Elephant in the room…

The customer acquired this bike in a deal from its original owner, who rode it for a few years. It has a bit of beausage after extensive use. Once he acquired the frame, he began buying components piece by piece. Personally, I like the seemingly random parts including: made in the UK Middleburn cranks, a raw Haulin’ Colin rack, SON Edelux, Berthoud saddle, White Industries rear hub and Nitto cockpit.

If you’re thinking this frame looks familiar, John from Elephant used this platform as a beginning for the National Forest Explorer. They’re strikingly similar, save for the use of cantilevers on this bike, versus disc brakes and that color.

google doodle – it’s a Duke

Screenshot 2015-08-24 22.22.20

It was in the turbulent Pacific waters off Corona del Mar 90 years ago when Duke Kahanamoku, the celebrated Hawaiian surfing and Olympic swimming titleholder, proved once again to be a genuine American champion. He is the subject of a Google Doodle today.

Dawn was breaking that Sunday, June 14, 1925, when Kahanamoku, then 34, in the company of several surfers, including Gerard “Jerry” Vultee, his best friend and pioneer aircraft designer, was preparing to enter the waves on his 12-foot mahogany surfboard.

The “Duke” (who was born 125 years ago today) could see that trouble was brewing when massive waves and swells propelled by fierce winds began to lash the coast.


All of a sudden, one of his companions cried out, “That boat is in trouble,” pointing to the 40-foot, 5-ton yacht Thelma attempting to enter Newport Harbor through the churning breakers.

Coastal storms had come up suddenly during previous months, and just recently they had brought havoc and death to the very waters Kahanamoku and his friends were planning to surf.

A year earlier, on June 8, 1924, the 30-foot fishing boat Adieu, carrying 16 passengers and its captain, overturned during a storm off Corona del Mar, drowning five fishermen from Santa Ana. On May 21, 1925 — just three weeks before the Thelma’s foundering — a rowboat carrying three teenagers capsized in heavy waves. Two of the youths made it to shore; a third drowned.

So the fears of Kahanamoku mounted as he observed the hapless Thelma struggle to stay afloat.

“Only a porpoise or a sea lion had the right to be out there …,” he later recalled, according to old news stories. “From the shore we saw the Thelma wallowing in the water just seaward of where the breakers were falling. You could see her rails crowded with fishermen. She appeared to be trying to fight her way toward safe water … but it obviously was a losing battle.

“A mountain of solid green water curled down upon the vessel … spume geysered up in all directions … then before the next mammoth breaker could blot out the view again, it was obvious the Thelma had capsized and thrown her passengers into the boiling sea.”

The following day, in a dramatic Page One story headlined, “Five Are Drowned When Waves Capsize Yacht … Twelve More Narrowly Escape As Swimmers Bring Victims to Shore on Surf Boards,” the Los Angeles Times described the frightening scene.

“The swell, as it gained momentum, merged into a mountainous wave and crashed over the bow, smashing the plate glass window of the engine-room, flooding the compartment and stopping the engine,” according to the article. “Practically all the members of the pleasure party were swept overboard with the first wave and were struggling in the midst of the torn wreckage and pounding waves.

“Before the fishermen could put on life preservers and assistance could reach them, the boat was caught broadside in the teeth of the tremendous breakers and rolled completely over twice.”

The sinking, said the newspaper, “resulted in the drowning of five passengers. Twelve others were pulled from the sea in a spectacular rescue staged by Duke Kahanamoku, famous Hawaiian swimmer, and others who braved the heavy seas on surfboards.”

the very sticky bottle

A former winner of the Vuelta, Vincenzo Nibali has been thrown off the race before the real battle for 2015 overall honours has properly begun after the worst sticky bottle incident stickybottle has ever seen.

When the aerial footage in the clip below emerged it led head commissaire Bruno Valcic to announce the Italian’s immediate disqualification from the race.

And Astana directeur sportif Alexandre Shefer, who was driving the car Nibali took such a prolonged and high speed tow from, has also been put off the race.

Both men have been fined 200 Swiss Francs and Astana will only be permitted one team vehicle for tomorrow’s third stage and stage 4 on Tuesday.

The incident captured in the helicopter shots below occurred around 16km from the finish of today’s 165km leg.

Nibali came down in the major crash 30km from the finish. And after being forced to wait for a bike he had 1:30 to make up on the bunch.

His team mates dropped back to help him and the Italian got back to a chase group within 35 seconds of what remained of the main peloton.

However, obviously keen to get back to the head of the race before the final climb of the day to the finish, Nibali went to the front of the chase group, with his Astana team car pulling up alongside.

The aerial footage shows the Italian being towed off the front of that group, before the cameras pan away from the cheating taking place.

He managed to catch the peloton 3km after the incident captured in the foot below only to struggle on the final climb and lose 1:28 to stage winner Esteban Chaves (Orica-GreenEdge).

When the footage began circulating on social media after the stage, the race officials took action.

“The film is very clear, it shows that Nibali has put his hand on the car for 100 metres,” head commissaire Valcic said, though the full towing period may have been longer than seen on camera.

“So the penalty for this is very clear. The decision of the commissaires is very clear, Vincenzo Nibali has been disqualified from the race.”

A watch if you spend all the time outdoors (and don’t want to scratch your rolex/omega/TAG)

I must admit although i like nice watches BUT (and its a big But) when i head out into the wild (or working in places like Iraq or Rwanda) I generally take along a G-Shock watch. This one does a lot in a simple package.


Casio announced a brand new high-end G-Shock model at Baselworld 2015, the GWG-1000 Mudmaster. This new model combines features of the Mudman and Rangeman with an analog/digital hybrid display. It has a case design that looks like a cross between an aviation G-Shock and the Rangeman, giving it a tough and tactical appearance. Model numbers are GWG-1000-1A (black), GWG-1000-1A3 (black with olive band), and GWG-1000-1A9 (black with yellow band).

Vuelta espana – it can only get better after a disastrous STAGE1

The Vuelta a España kicks off on Saturday 22nd August (today) with a 7.4km Team Time Trial around Marbella. Having seen the course on Thursday, many of the riders and teams have been openly critical about the course, so we went to go and see what all the fuss is about.

Morning constitutional

it comes after coffee of course.

Post school run with the kids – living only an 8 min walk from the girls school (it will be 4min to high school and also around 8 to glasgow university if they go there) means I rarely use a bike in the mornings. Today is different as I needed to drop off some expensive plugs to get some expensive speaker cables made up for my expensive stereo so I can enjoy priceless music. But the shop only opens at 10am so cycle around then back to a local for coffee

Sitting here delaying work and chores is quite lovely. I hope you got a ride (or time outside) today.

Dont watch if you have just eaten

A very scary crash ….. the speed he hits the car at the corner at seems in excess of 50kmh ….. hope he is back racing soon

Spectator video has emerged of Matt Brammeier’s (MTN-Qhubeka) high-speed crash at the Tour of Utah on Saturday, that left the Irish pro with serious injuries.

Brammeier was chasing back to the peloton on the descent of Guardsman’s Pass on stage six of the American race, when he appears to lose control at high-speed and fly directly into a service car which is taking a left-hand turn. The 30-year-old was left with fractures to his ribs and pelvis, as well as internal injuries.

Other riders in the video are seen taking it cautiously on the fast descent with Brammeier appearing much quicker into shot as he reaches the bend, and is then motionless as members of the public attend to him on the roadside and attempt to slow oncoming riders and vehicles.

Two riders behind then suffer incidents of their own after a motorcycle slows down on the bend  and causes them to run into the side of it.

MTN-Qhubeka team medic Dr Jarrad van Zuydam later commented on Brammeier’s condition in a statement:

“Matt Brammeier was involved in a high speed collision with a vehicle during the queen stage of the Tour of Utah. Thankfully, Matt has suffered no head, neck or spinal injuries and is currently stable in hospital. His musculoskeletal injuries are significant, however.

“He suffered rib fractures on both sides as well as a small pneumothorax. He also has fractures of the sacral and pelvic bones. Matt is unlikely to require surgery but will need some time to recover from his injuries.”
Read more at http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest-news/video-emerges-of-matt-brammeiers-high-speed-utah-crash-186576#Jo7oiiPlLRpYX7fM.99

Theatre Thursday: Twin Fin slide joy shred

Two days in Northern NSW with Asher Pacey and his self shaped twin fin.

even a non-surfer has to admire the glide and smoothness of this guy. Makes it looks so smooth and dare i say easy … from Magic Seaweed

Here we have Asher Pacey, the style-guru ripping on his self-shaped twin-fin. Surfing this kind of craft sets you apart from the crowd anyway but by combining a graceful, smooth approach with raw power in the right doses, Asher puts himself in a whole other category.