Single Track Doesn’t Care.

Single track doesn’t care – I like this post … good sentiment

Outside Cincy

salsa fargo
Let me be the first to tell you; Single track doesn’t care. It doesn’t care what kind of bike you ride, nor the shape you are in. It doesn’t care how much money you made last year. It doesn’t care about what color your skin is. You could have polka dots all over your skin, and it would pay no mind. You could be five years old, or eighty-five, and single track will treat you the same.
strider bike
Single track can be difficult, but also enjoyable. At times it is smooth and flows perfectly through the forest, and other times it is rocky, technical and unforgiving. Sometimes there are sections that you need to get off your bike and walk. But, with practice and repetition, what was once difficult now comes second hand. The more you give to single track, the more single track gives back to you. Like life.
east fork state park

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