Weekend round up

A strange weekend this as Autumn storms lashed the UK. I set out Saturday to go kitesurfing but the wind was quite incredible .


So saturday I had my new (old) Teak Danish dining table delivered and planned for the Sunday. Sunday was worse – I had the car packed with my gear and checked the beach station 47mph with a gust of 71mph …. Crazy weather and my smallest storm kite is not storm enough. So came inside unpacked and did 1hr on the turbo trainer then watched movies and ate chocolate listening to the rain hitting the windows (hard). The screen grab below from the airport – Behind terminal building so protected from true win in a westerly or north west wind


This morning – wind gone 180degrees and not a breath and also no rain so out for run …. 10km first of the month and slow.

Screenshot 2015-11-30 12.53.17

Well at least it is better than nothing.


Climbing rhythm …

Climbing rhythm – what is the best way to tackle those hills 
Reblog: I live in a hilly, no mountainous, part of the world. I climb a lot. Some short climbs. Some long. Ranging from 2-15 km in length. Most of these “How To” tips I already do but it’s good to be reminded.


Friday bike poster: Black Friday

Black Friday and wake up allied at the consumer society we live in ….. Then spend the next 30min in bed on the iPad looking at deals for things I don’t need. The only thing I do want (not need) is a small phone card wallet thing that fits the jersey pocket so I don’t keep on using sandwich bags.

But gasp …… Rapha has a sale ….. Safely ignored …. Brooks c15 cutaway …. Can’t find anything.

Weather grim not windy enough to Kitesurf so think it’s going to be indoor suffer fest base session.

Road.cc – London bike killer lorries

I agree totally with him:


London’s Cycling Commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, has branded calls for a rush hour lorry ban a “distraction” that won’t save as many lives as protected bike lanes and safer lorries.
Responding to a 13,000-strong petition handed to City Hall on Wednesday, and following a unanimous London Assembly vote in favour of a rush hour lorry ban this month, Gilligan told road.cc banning lorries during rush hour may risk more pedestrian lives than the cyclists it could save, as well as causing an enormous backlash, and he says it is unlikely to happen.
This year seven of the eight cyclists killed in London died following lorry collisions. However, Gilligan said of 42 cyclists killed in the capital between 2012-14 only three deaths involved a lorry in the morning rush hour.
13,000-signature End Lorry Danger petition delivered to London’s City Hall
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The cycling commissioner told road.cc he feels a lorry ban would not be the best way to protect cyclists.
“I think it’s a distraction,” he said.
“I think the answer’s more segregated superhighways, better junctions, I think it’s the kinds of things we’re doing with lorries already to make them safer than they are now. It’s direct vision lorries – that’s going to be the next stage in the safer lorries scheme (link is external) to mandate that – and it’s general freight management activities.”
Gilligan says other tactics would include cracking down on dangerous operators, and consolidating freight movements so fewer lorries enter the city centre.
He said: “I think there’s huge scope for last mile services, for lorries to deliver to depots on the edges of the centre and for all the companies’ deliveries to be consolidated into one electric van.”
“At the moment you have vast numbers of lorries making trips for a couple of cartons of photocopying here, and a couple more there, and that’s pretty silly.”
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Where internet shopping has driven up the numbers of lorries delivering shopping to offices these could go to fulfilment centres at stations, similar to ones already used by online shopping giants such as Amazon.
He added a lorry ban would involve an enormous fight that Transport for London could eventually lose, both with businesses, and residents whose sleep would be affected if operators started delivering at night.
He said: “Even if we won… we might not save a single life because we might not get small reduction in the number of cyclists being killed but you might get a bigger increase in the number of non-cyclists being killed.”
More older people tend to walk after the morning rush hour, so it is sometimes argued they are more vulnerable to an influx of large vehicles at that time.
As well as calls from 13,000 signatories and the London Assembly, road safety campaign group, Stop Killing Cyclists, included a rush hour tipper truck ban among the manifesto pledges (link is external) it is asking of Mayoral candidates ahead of the London elections in May, which all five candidates answered either “yes”, or “maybe” in the case of Sadiq Khan (Lab) and Zac Goldsmith (Con).

– See more at: http://road.cc/content/news/171728-london-cycling-commissioner-brands-rush-hour-lorry-ban-debate-%E2%80%98distraction%E2%80%99#sthash.Djjs73nl.dpuf