Surfer ‘not pretty enough to sponsor’

Despite being the best female surfer in Brazil, Silvana Lima was refused sponsorship deals because she wasn’t considered sufficiently good-looking.

Interesting video – and the one quote in heading … ‘… if i was a man this wouldn’t happen’ scarily true perhaps.

Fred Whitton Training Ride


Now the Fred Whitton Challenge is CRAZY ….

110 miles with over 3200m of climbing …. The Fred Whitton Challenge is a gruelling 112 mile sportive challenge ride for charity around the Lake District, run in memory of Fred Whitton. From 2014 it starts & finishes in Grasmere, and the route includes the climbs of Kirkstone, Honister, Newlands, Whinlatter, Hardknott & Wrynose passes. MORE HERE

So someone from the meetup group is doing the ride and wanted to do a ride where she could practise some hills ….. so Sunday morning is cold and sunny and COLD …. did I mention cold.

We head off and temp on the Garmin already says -3.4C ouch – my face is feeling battered from the cold. The plan is to do the tak-ma-doon and Crow road loop

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 13.12.43.png

but as we get to the Tak we encounter the climb and a lot of Black Ice on the road. Downhill could be deadly … so we climb to the top grab a breather then decide to descend to the golf course where the black ice patches thin out … and ascend again. At the top of the tak we could look down for miles at the clearing mist and freezing fog.


then on for a slow descent to the north side a river ford where one person took a tumble on ice at the edge, stood up and fell over again …

Down the long bumpy carron valley road to the Crow – again a puncture halted proceedings ….


i got to admire the road (still bumpy)


and also find the puncture that Andy couldn’t and look at my nice clean tights … IMG_8872.JPG

Bike filthy man filthy ….

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.58.26.png

then the weather is so cold that the Edge 510 dies closer to home …. legs tired ….good spring ride.


The Nocturne on a Brompton

A friend out in Erbil was just speaking about the desire to buy a Brompton – I showed him this video and now he is …. he is back to Brooklyn tonight so will have to shop for one there. This is the video he loved … if it was me the Raw lacquer version would be my choice.

off topic – watch design

Saw this blog and thought how interesting this change to standard design was. Most watches get complicated or expensive or tech. This appeals to the nerd in me and the travel part in equal measure.

Klokers 02

Klokers Watch Times 2, For the Nerd, and the Not Quite a Nerd

Klokers 03I first saw the Klokers Watch on their own web site, before it was launched on Kickstarter, and I was interested in the project.  Life being what it is, I did not have a chance to cover it right when it launched, but I did see that they received a lot of coverage, both from watch bloggers and from gadget watchers.  Now, with a little time remaining before the project closes, Klokers introduced a second model into the mix.

Klokers 01The first watch, the Klok-01 is an homage to a circular slide rule.  It is definitely a nerd friendly design.  I graduated from a tech-heavy university, and I grew up with calculators, but I am not far removed from the generations who had to use these instruments for calculations.  So for me, this is a fun watch design concept.  As a watch in and of itself, it is simply a clever way to do a three hand watch.  Instead of the hands rotating against a static time scale, the time scale rotates around a static single hand.  Because the time scale is moving, the discs have to move in retrograde, opposite the normal motion of a handset.  But the overall effect is a fairly simple way to tell time.

Klokers 02The second Klokers model, the Klok-02, was introduced half way through the funding campaign as an optional reward and is a distant cousin to the first model.  You have the same basic shape, as well as the curved, bezel free acrylic glass case, but the styling cues are less nerdy and more innovative.  A Soprod movement controls a series of micromotors moving the second hand and minute hand in a more traditional (watch world-wise) retrograde movement, where the hands move through an arc and then reset back to the far left once they make it all the way over to the right.  The hours are displayed in the center of the watch, and the window to the right represents the time zone.  Move to another city, and just click through the cities to change the time zone, an hour at a time.  A long push on the pusher displays the date in the center window.

Klokers 04As if the time displays and micromotors were not enough, the team at Klokers also came up with a new watch strap, where a tab locks into a slot on the back of the watch, allowing for easy strap changes, or easy watch head changes, whichever way you want to look at it.  The project has been wildly successful, with about $600,000 raised against a target of $56,000.  Super early bird watches are gone, but there are still early bird and night owl rewards in the low to mid $300s for the Klok-01 and mid $500s to $600s for the Klok-02.  It is hard to assess how feasible it will be to actually produce these watches at this price.  Both watches use existing movements, (a Soprod SOP 813 in the Klok-02), which means they are not inventing the watch technology, just packaging it.  With any crowd funded project, and especially with an innovative one, do your research.  Crowd funded projects by definition are not retail transactions, but rather the backing of the development of a project in exchange for a reward.

Watch Overview:

  • Brand & Model: Klokers Watch Klok-01 and Klok-02
  • Price: ~ $339 to $556 for the Klok-01 and ~$566 to $981 for the Klok-02depending on timing and options
  • Who we think it might be for: You want to fly your nerd flag (Klok-01) or you want something different on your wrist (Klok-02).
  • Would I wear one myself based on what I’ve seen?: I think I would make an exception to my automatic/manual only trend for the Klok-02.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: I like it as is.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: With so many watches, especially crowd funded watches, looking alike, these are truly different.

Tech Specs from Klokers:

  • Movement: Swiss Ronda Quartz with micromotors (Klok-01) or Swiss Soprod SOP 813 micromotors movement (Klok-02)
  • Functions: Three hander (Klok-01);  World time, date, retrograde minute and second hand (Klok-02)
  • Case: Composite metal and polymer
  • Crystal: Acrylic polymer
  • Water resistance: 5 meters (Klok-02)
  • Lug width: Proprietary strap connection
  • Straps: Leather
  • Diameter: 44mm (Klok-01), 43.2mm (Klok-02)
  • Thickness: 11.5mm (Klok-01), 13.2mm (Klok-02)