Double Munro Day

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The compact group of mountains known as the Arrochar Alps are renowned for their steep, rugged and rocky nature. However, the highest peak – Beinn Ime – has a simple slope when approached from this direction. Beinn Narnain has a much rougher and rockier character. The views – especially of the nearby Cobbler – are excellent.

two munro-6.jpg
Cobbler behind to right and Beinn Narnain behind on left – this is the start of Beinn Ime slope

Quite a bit of Ice and snow on top but weather was great. Although a steep and rocky mountain from most viewpoints, the ascent from this side is up a broad and somewhat soggy slope, though there is a path. The ascent is a long one, with almost four hundred metres to gain from the bealach; it ends at the trig point at 1011m

two munro-12.jpg

Beinn Ime is a broad dome on this side and the return route has a good path.

two munro-15.jpg

Rocky, steep and eroded path on Beinn Narnain with very mild scrambling.

two munro-19.jpg

two munro-23.jpg

Screenshot 2016-03-07 11.56.14.png



One thought on “Double Munro Day”

  1. One of my stomping grounds in the past. Slept in the ‘caves’ at the top corrie of the Cobbler in winter and blew ourselves up when changing a gas canister , still here though! Have done winter climbing on the back of Ben Ime + summer climbing on Narnain & the Cobbler. Great area when it’s dry.

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