Keeping busy with Geraint ‘the genial Welshman’ Thomas

Geraint the gent reblog


I find it almost impossible to write about pro cyclist and all round man-of-the-people Geraint Thomas without using the phrase ‘genial Welshman’. He’s genial, no doubt, but if he was English I doubt I’d feel compelled to call him ‘genial Englishman’.

Maybe it’s because I’m English, and I’m being accidentally patronising in a way that  I don’t really understand?


‘Genial Welshman’ Geraint Thomas spent 2015 as the world’s busiest man. He also very nearly finished in the top ten of the Tour de France, being almost scuppered by a brief encounter with a telegraph pole, and then actually scuppered by one very bad day in the mountains which he eloquently summed up by saying: ‘some days you’re the hammer, and some day’s you’re the nail. And today, I was one of those crappy little Ikea nails…’

I think all of us, whether we’ve narrowly missed out on…

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