Moots Vamoots RSL Review

riding against the grain

I had a chance to put in about 25 miles on a Vamoots RSL a couple days ago.  Here are my thoughts.

For starters, it was a 58cm bike, so a bit big for me.  It was running SRAM Red (2012 version), and had what seemed to be a monstrous set of handlebars (46cm?)

So let me say at the outset, it was a bit big for me, and felt a smidge cumbersome as a result.  However, I also did a very brief test-ride on a 56cm RSL, and found it to be much more to my liking.  So for purposes of this review, I’ll talk about a combination of those two bikes…as riding the proper size cured many of the idiosyncrasies that initially popped up with the 58.

It was a horrendously windy day.  My personal road bike is a Trek Madone 7, which is about as aero…

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