What makes a great bike ride?

Loved this so reblogging and trying not to feel guilty about being the odd Strava zone out man


What is the measure of a great bike ride?

For some, it’s hills. It’s metres of height gain, steepness of gradient, and likelihood of heart beating itself loose from your chest in mid-struggle.

I have friends who have no concept of a bike ride which involves even the shortest section of flat tarmac. They don’t understand the pleasure to be had from spinning the legs for the simple joy of it, or rattling along for mile after mile at twenty miles an hour. To these mountain goats a flat road is avoiding the issue. It’s taking the easy option.

It’s cheating.

Admittedly, these people tend to be Cumbrians. In Cumbria, geography and topography demand that tarmac slopes up, or down, and usually steeply. To them, a flat road is eyed with suspicion.

Quality Roads Quality Roads (Image: pixabay.com)

Others measure a bike ride in average speed, and are only truly…

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