Flying Moths – slightly boring video but great boats

I love the way foils have entered the sailing arena – but these carbon fragile creations are at the cutting edge of what is possible …


but still slow compared to foiling kites ..

these kites and foils flying in what is only about 8knots of wind …


The Sixth Annual Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Award

#3 is just silly and a photoshop photo certainly does not belong in the top 5. Excluding the helmsman and the guy on his back, the other two were photoshopped in. I like #5 the most and #1 as 2nd


The sixth annual Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image awards were given out last December. Here is a look at the top five photos from the competition as chosen by the public.


Photographer: Jesus Renedo

Number 5




Photographer: Martina Orsini

Number 4



Photographer: Stefan Coppers

Number 3



Photographer: Brian Carlin

Number 2


Winner: Rick Tomlinson


Photographer Rick Tomlinson took home the Public Award for this shot of Team Brunel sailing past Cape Horn during the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race.

Happy New Year

We wish you the readers:

– a huge happiness 
– an iron health for you and your loved ones
– a ton and a half of love
– creative boldness and respectful impertinence
– the laughter of children
– limitless dreams
– a good pinch of humor
– …and some temporal accessories to live your own time!

Leech 650 sportsboat

Not much not to like …


LOA 6.5m Mainsail 19m2
BOA 2.3m Jib 7.8m2
Draft 1.8m Spinnaker 53m2
Sailing Displacement 650kg inc. 4 crew

L650 – additional data and plans

A lot of what has been learnt through our successful skiff designs has gone into creating this exciting new sport boat. While the aft sections are reasonably flat and wide for high speed planning and to help with form stability, care has been taken with the prismatic coefficient not to over do this, and make down wind sailing easy.

Features include a retracting, gybing keel, retracting prod, storage lockers beside the keel (one for outboard engine) and main sail boom sheating. Construction is from a detailed CNC cut file, cedar core hull bottom, foam core for hull topsides, deck, and all interior structure, all skinned in a light carbon laminate.

CNC kits available. The first 5 boats have been launched – T/Y versions and sports boats. As of Nov 2014 2 further boats are under construction in both Australia and NZ



Star Sailors League Final

The boat may be old – it may not foil … hell its not even an olympic class anymore but watching the Star league live (today in just over an hour at 4pm GMT) you get to see really close magical racing. This for me is the pinnacle of sailing.



Decent breeze forecast for the morning action on Day 2 of the Star Sailors League, and organizers are buoyed by the multitudes of sailors checking in – yesterday nearly 30,000 keelboat fans watched some of the action!

We won’t promise much in the way of breeze today, but with 5 boats separated by just 5 points right around the all-important knockout position (only the top ten advance to tomorrows finals rounds), we will promise plenty of drama. Watch it live with Genny, Clean, and the SSL team calling the shots – clicky here

Gunboat – going going gone

Just when you thought there was an exciting brand out there …


In recent years, ultra-fast, ultra-sleek Gunboat catamarans have been among the hottest properties in the sailing world. But a series of setbacks during the past two years resulted in the North Carolina-based company’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today.

According to Gunboat founder and CEO Peter Johnstone, the high-profile company has been “quietly struggling” for the past two years, despite its boats receiving an avalanche of high praise from sailors and the sailing press. Johnstone lists the following issues as contributing to the firm’s downfall:

“The Chinese built Gunboat 60 series cost Gunboat a fortune to sort out. The Chinese builder has fought its contractual obligations to manage, support, pay and reimburse for the completion, rework and warranty costs. Gunboat felt an obligation to its customers and spent millions out of pocket, which proved to be a huge strain on our resources, focus and productivity.

The G4-01 Timbalero III found its limits while racing on the final day of Les Voiles de St. Barth last spring. She was righted, however, not long after the capsize.


“The G4 capsize in April, and the recent photo boat collision on a magazine boat test in Annapolis have thwarted sales of this series to date. The investment was made. The return is in the future.

“The abandonment of Rainmaker by her owner and crew certainly was not helpful to a new series. The Gunboat 55 is a great boat, and it will take time for that word to get out.

“The ramp-up of production in North Carolina took longer and cost more.”

The domino effect of so many problems during such a short period, Johnstone explains, forced him to seek Chapter 11 protection. But he is hopeful that the company’s current financial hurdles can be overcome: “The operations have shown a nice turn-around in the past few months. Boats are being built, and we are meeting our plan for operating the business and recovering through the Chapter 11 process…

“While the past two years have been the most stressful and difficult period of my life and business career, this period has also been one of enormous assessment and growth personally and professionally. I have learned far more from the failures than the accolades.”