Theatre Thursday – SUP FOILING

Flying downwind with the Malolos (Flying Fish). My perspective of the ocean has been changed completely. SUP Hydro foiling downwind is the future! A huge thanks to Alex Aguera at Go Foil, and Naish for making this dream a reality.

Happy New Year

We wish you the readers:

– a huge happiness 
– an iron health for you and your loved ones
– a ton and a half of love
– creative boldness and respectful impertinence
– the laughter of children
– limitless dreams
– a good pinch of humor
– …and some temporal accessories to live your own time!

A watch if you spend all the time outdoors (and don’t want to scratch your rolex/omega/TAG)

I must admit although i like nice watches BUT (and its a big But) when i head out into the wild (or working in places like Iraq or Rwanda) I generally take along a G-Shock watch. This one does a lot in a simple package.


Casio announced a brand new high-end G-Shock model at Baselworld 2015, the GWG-1000 Mudmaster. This new model combines features of the Mudman and Rangeman with an analog/digital hybrid display. It has a case design that looks like a cross between an aviation G-Shock and the Rangeman, giving it a tough and tactical appearance. Model numbers are GWG-1000-1A (black), GWG-1000-1A3 (black with olive band), and GWG-1000-1A9 (black with yellow band).

Theatre Thursday: Sri Lanka Suptastic

The Blueline / Paddle Surf Hawaii team explores Sri Lanka.

Featuring Jim Brewer, Genelle Ives and Matt Becker.

Presented by Blueline, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Harvest and Quickblade.

Filmed and edited by Peter Trow

Wet suit?

i had to look at publish date – but it said april 23….. Really this whole concept is flawed ….. except this is TBWA and advertising and spreading viral is your game.

You’re a busy businessman with busy businessman things to do. Meetings, phone calls, emails, Vines, steak dinners, and the finest wines available to humanity, buy, sell, buy, sell.

But it all doesn’t leave that much time for recreation. Quiksilver in Japan and agency TBWA\HAKUHODO decided to do something about that by creating a wetsuit that doubles as a business suit. For real. The True Wetsuit features a jacket and pants made from two-millimeter super high-stretch jersey neoprene, and the shirt is made with “dryflight” fabric made by Quiksilver and 3M for superior water repellency.

Japanese surfers can get their own made-to-order True Wetsuit online, which includes a jacket, pants, shirt and tie, for about $2,500 (USD) and takes about two months for delivery. After that, you’ll be ready for every kind of board meeting.

Saturday Paddle – Weekend Rides

I think Spring is here – Belhaven on the east coast was really warm on saturday 6C water 8C air …. took the SUP and got a lift there with Eric – but damn forgot my leash – what a ninny

Saturday was a great bike ride down the canal with my lady

Screenshot 2015-04-06 13.41.50

2015-04-05 13.07.02 2015-04-05 13.08.03

gateway to the clyde
gateway to the clyde

2015-04-05 13.16.23

and today was sightseeing and beer around town ….

A great Easter weekend – how was yours?

glasgow Cathedral
glasgow Cathedral

2015-04-06 15.13.52 2015-04-06 15.18.08 2015-04-06 15.18.25 2015-04-06 15.27.33 2015-04-06 15.27.51

West Brewery in the old Templeton carpet factory
West Brewery in the old Templeton carpet factory

2015-04-06 17.13.04 2015-04-06 17.13.32

funny head
funny head

New Year Resolution and How did I do in 2014

Looking back this was my list in 2013 (for 2014) those i completed i put in Red (for those browsing on mobiles apps you might have to change to browser or desktop)

Here are my new years resolutions, reinforced with a lovely Talisker 10 year old malt (or Scotchliscious and those west of the water would say) and captured with screen grabs and a leap of faith.
Invest in that touring bike and plan some trips to make it really count. BUILT THE BIKE AND HAD SOME Great RIDES BUT NO TRIPS     1/2 point

Increase or improve my Strava KOM and PR status (but not if i have to finish a segment inside my own home) Had 5 KOM last year (not that they stayed) 1 point

Not shy away from the Sufferfest turbo sessions LESS maybe – no points

Complete the eTape Caledonian and Pennines with proper training under my belt Completed both but not with training yet I beat all the friends i was with so 1 point

Have a bikeFit – to make sure that I improve position, power delivery and comfort Err this year

Do at least one mountain bike marathon race this year with close buddies and do the longer distance option (normally 85km and 2000m+ of climbing) Err this year

Remember not to be a bad name for cycling (red lights etc) Done 1 point

Campaign and lobby for our two wheeled lot and complete the free Bike film I promised  Done 1 point

Sail up the inner hebrides over summer.  boat sold – wrecked resolution 

Don’t leave the organisation of that sail until the last minute.  boat sold – wrecked resolution 

Kitesurfing – don’t always jump on port tack only – embrace the learning curve of jumping to starboard (and the occasional smack down)  Done 1 point

Ride more. Kitesurf more. Sail more. Run more Road same kitesurfer more sailed more until boat sold and ran less 1.5/3

Ride more…..Ride more…..

SO 7/12 …… Pahhhhh


So What for 2015

  • Backpacking trip on the Fat Bike – Cairngorms or the Western Isles (bonus if i do both)
  • Do eTape Caledonia quicker (hard with last years 33km/h average)
  • Do Mountain Bike Marathon (Selkirk 85km is the week before the eTape – good training or bad taper)
  • Do more kitesurfing
  • Do more Stand up Paddleboarding


The Pros and Cons of Coffee from SUP magazine

Photo: Erik Aeder


With energy drink marketing increasing its reach, the continued spread of Starbucks and the rise of craft coffee houses (complete with bearded baristas), our culture has become more caffeinated than ever before. So, is all this caffeine good for us, or are we drinking too much as recent investigations into deaths that may be caffeine related suggest? What are the performance benefits of our favorite natural stimulant, and what are the pitfalls? Is naturally derived caffeine better than the stuff cooked up in a lab? We’re going to do our best to answer these questions.

Photo: Mike Tavares


The good news is that in moderate quantities, caffeine can help your paddling and recovery. Caffeine is one of the most highly researched exercise aids, so there’s a ton of useful data on how it positively impacts sports performance if not consumed in excess. Ingesting a moderate amount of caffeine before exercise has been shown to increase endurance for workouts lasting an hour or longer by slowing glycogen (stored carbs) depletion and encouraging the body to burn fat, leaving more glycogen for later. In addition, nutritional scientists at the University of Illinois found that caffeine also decreases exercise-related anxiety, which may dull pain perception and so further boost endurance.

For river-running standup paddler and kayaker Haley Mills, pre-race caffeine is a must. “I sometimes have multiple events in a weekend and drinking espresso before each one helps me feel more aggressive on the water and focused on the tricks I’m doing,” she says. “I have poor circulation in my hands and feet and when I drink coffee I feel there’s more blood flow to those areas, which helps me stay warmer.”

And the benefits aren’t limited to during exercise. Research published in the Journal of Applied Physiologyproved that when consumed with a carb-rich post workout snack, smoothie or meal, caffeine can help restore the glycogen lost during physical activity. So don’t second guess having that second Americano of the day after you hit the water, as long as you’re combining it with the right 3:1 mix of carbs and a fast-acting protein such as whey.

Naturally derived caffeine comes from various sources, which typically have additional health perks. Coffee has been shown to prevent macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s, while black tea reduces inflammation and exercise-related soreness, and green tea takes down free radicals, enhances brain function and promotes fat burning.

Photo: Aaron Schmidt


Despite the science behind using caffeine as an ergogenic performance aid, it’s possible to misuse and abuse it to the detriment of your health. Common results from overconsumption include stomachache, sickness and diarrhea, headaches, nervousness/anxiety, acid reflux, and racing/irregular heartbeat.

While java junkies can certainly get a dodgy stomach from one too many refills, much of the concern surrounding excess caffeine centers on so-called “energy drinks” and shots. For people who don’t like the taste of coffee or tea, such drinks can seem like a legitimate alternative. And, with millions of marketing dollars poured into making the connection between extreme sports and energy drinks, caffeine-in-a-can products are expected to soar to $21 billion in annual revenue by 2017.

So are energy drinks worse for you than natural caffeine options? Not always, but many contain high quantities of sugar and artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. As ever, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient or don’t know what the heck it is, it’s probably best to steer clear.

Part of the issue is that the small size of energy “shots” is deceptive. Some people think because the container is diminutive it doesn’t contain much caffeine, so they can just pound back several in one go. This assumption is wrong and, according to certain reports, it may be dead wrong, as a single energy shot can contain as much caffeine as a medium coffee. Would you line up six coffees and drink them all? Probably not–especially if they had a bunch of synthetic junk in them.

Another issue is that synthetic caffeine often found in energy drinks and shots is made in a lab using a wide range of substances that include petroleum and urea (a component of urine—we know, gross!) Some experts argue that synthetic caffeine is absorbed more quickly, leading to a quicker caffeine ‘high’ and sharper ‘crash’ that may aggravate underlying health issues. While the jury is still out on the effects of energy drinks, we advise sticking to natural caffeine sources, just to play it safe.

Photo: Harry Wiewel


Many studies suggest that optimal caffeine before a workout is 0.5 to 1.5 mg of caffeine per pound of bodyweight. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you’d need between 70 and 210 milligrams of caffeine in the hours leading up to training or a race, and the same afterwards with your post-exercise nutrition. According to Caffeine Informer, that’s the equivalent of between one and three espresso shots, or somewhere between one small and two large cups of coffee.

Though such a recommendation is based on experiments conducted with endurance athletes, everyone’s body is different. Our advice is to play around with how much caffeine you need, using the minimum needed to make a difference. Also, try occasionally going caffeine free for a few days so your body’s dependence on it doesn’t blunt caffeine’s positive effects.


Red Bull is apparently going to pay $13 million to avoid fighting an absurd class action lawsuit which asserts that Red Bull’s advertising that “Red Bull gives you wings” is “deceptive and fraudulent.

Seriously?! This is absurd! But apparently Red Bull has so much money lying around that they’d rather pay out $13 million than take the time and energy to fight this lawsuit.

As much as I hate the taste this is everything I hate about the legal system in the US where privatised legal wankery holds sway.

– think of all the high production videos and free stickers they could do for this money.

T -1 Tiree Kitesurf and SUP trip is on

The weather looks amazing. Well for kitesurfing and SUP (stand up Paddleboarding)


the island – i love it

Screenshot 2014-09-23 14.52.08 Screenshot 2014-09-23 14.53.00

Hyperlapse the end of shaky GoPro Footage


Microsoft have released test footage of a new app they are developing aimed at making hours of wobbly film into a beautiful timelapse which perhaps for once, your friends might actually enjoy.

The software creates a 3D map of the original footage and then analyses each frame of the video for shots that will link together smoothly. These ‘points’ are then connected together to create a slick, smooth timelapse.

It is a bit early to say how effective this will be in the surf, but it will certainly work great for the road trip and is definitely exciting.

The full algorithms and processes going on to make this happen are scientifically deep, so probably just best to get stuck into the footage…

how fit are you?

Do this test

answer truthfully now.

Screenshot 2014-08-02 13.47.13


there is no way my VO2 is 62 – my polar HRM used to say it was around 57-59


what a great day

god I just love kitesurfing …. there it is

belhaven Dunbar
belhaven Dunbar




other guy
other guy
roll transition
roll transition
slam the waves
slam the waves
beach jumping
beach jumping
look at the small people down there
look at the small people down there
getting some water out the wetsuit ... no pee
getting some water out the wetsuit … no pee
jumping on starboard not my favourite
jumping on starboard not my favourite
go go
go go

Great Day Stand Up Paddleboarding

Had a great day down at the beach today. I normally only ever go there if it is really windy and then i hardly ever see people there. Had the girls and the weather was hot (for Scotland) 25C and no wind so took them down to the beach with the SUP

at the end
at the end

Took the girls out and spotted a really big jellyfish (called a Barrel Jellyfish) about 75cm long 60cm across …. and about and then had a few jollies out by myself.

this type of jellyfish
this type of jellyfish

then a few jaunts launching off the stone into the sand

2014-07-10 14.57.50

then fish and chips

2014-07-10 15.23.22

and a selfie

2014-07-10 16.02.34-2

New Year Resolutions

Half Way through the year and how am I doing …

Invest in that touring bike and plan some trips to make it really count.  Update – Bike Built but no long rides done – 1/2 point

Increase or improve my Strava KOM and PR status (but not if i have to finish a segment inside my own home) Update – NO

Not shy away from the Sufferfest turbo sessions Update – No change – have I even done any this year?

Complete the eTape Caledonian and Pennines with proper training under my belt Update – Caledonian done on shy training and Pennines 2.5 weeks away – 1/2 point

Have a bikeFit – to make sure that I improve position, power delivery and comfort Update – not yet

Do at least one mountain bike marathon race this year with close buddies and do the longer distance option (normally 85km and 2000m+ of climbing) Update – Ooops

Remember not to be a bad name for cycling (red lights etc) Update – Pretty good these day – 1 point

Campaign and lobby for our two wheeled lot and complete the free Bike film I promised Update – Done – 1 point

Sail up the inner hebrides over summer. Update – If i can find that week

Don’t leave the organisation of that sail until the last minute. Update – organisation?

Kitesurfing – don’t always jump on port tack only – embrace the learning curve of jumping to starboard (and the occasional smack down) Update – Doing that – 1 point

Ride more. Kitesurf more. Sail more. Run more 

Ride more…..Ride more…..

Update – 4/11 (must try harder)