Personal Records (pitiful PB’s)

Personal Best for Richard


00:20:00                     Park Run April 2016 (age 45)
00:19:28                         RACE: TF109 (age 40) part of an 8.2km race
00:19:05                       Gym Fitness Test (part of row,cycle,run triathlon) 3:49/km

00:40:23                        RACE
00:38:15                      Working at BBC cardiff when a young 31 yo

7.3 mile (11.75km)
00:45:46                        Task Force Phantom Run (3:53/km) AGE 41

01:17:02                           RACE- Run for the fallen Baghdad

half marathon
01:30:14                            RACE – Glasgow half marathon AGE 42 (4:14/km)

–:–:–                                 Still to do one



Longest Ride                             130.4km    étape caledonia 2014/2015
Highest Average >25km         33.6km/h étape caledonia 2016
Fastest 40km                             1:06:02      étape caledonia 2015

Highest speed ROAD                    82.7 km/h
Highest speed MTB                       59.3 km/h

Elevation Gain ROAD ride              2313m
Elevation Gain MTB ride                 2595m         


Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 17.08.21

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