These new boats are beasts

these new forty1design boats are beasts ….

Team Concise’s Forty1Design at the start of the 2014 Round Britain and Ireland


Screenshot 2014-08-30 15.26.06

The idea behind the Forty(1)Design, was to start with a clean sheet of paper and apply our advanced design technology to achieve the best concept and fastest possible hull shape. Team Concise were ideal clients; they understood that thorough research takes time and therefore planned their program accordingly.

A particular feature of the combined CFD and numerical optimisation technology that we have developed is that an unlimited number of shapes can be explored within a reasonable time scale. The technique contrasts dramatically with traditional yacht design optimisation. This typically starts with a known reference point and makes incremental steps towards an improved solution, one tweak at a time. Consequently the latter is unlikley to ever arrive at a truly optimal solution in the lifetime of any particular box rule.  

Coming from a background which has embraced many racing rules including the Americas Cup, allowed us to look at every aspect of this new design with fresh eyes. We have examined current performances, rule constraints and practicality and in all these areas we have looked for gains. Individually these might not be large, but together, they represent improvements. The sail-plan has been through a CFD optimisation process. Internal structures have been optimised in close conjunction with interior stacking ergonomics, while we have tried to minimise the VCG.


Design Summary:

– A ground up review of Class 40 rules.

– We assessed in excess of 70,000 potential hull shapes.

– Performance analyses of existing boats allowed direct comparisons with known benchmarks.

– Detailed investigations in conjunction with the Team Concise and experienced weather routers’ allowed us to determine appropriate performance weighting for each of the major Class 40 races.

 – A full RANS based sail plan optimisation study was completed in collaboration with the North Sails Design Group run on the Wolfson Units Super Cluster.  

– A new structural concept design.

Jason Ker (KER Yacht Design)