Kiting the Atlantic

Enable Passion Atlantic Crossing: the team is doing awesome!

  Enable Passion

After passing the hafway mark of their trip on December 5th, the Enable Passion crew are still going strong and getting closer than ever to their goal, Turk and Caicos Islands. “After the departure from Fuerteventura, they set sail towards the Cape Verde Islands. The idea was to pick up the trade winds a bit further south and then continue in a straight line towards the Carribbean. What seemed to be a smooth start ended up with some difficulties and bad luck. First of all the wind wasn’t as strong as predicted, which was a bit of a let down. Secondly, the team suffered from some extreme bad luck with both the propellers breaking of the engines. Luckily, they had sailed south and discovered the propellers missing just before turning west. This gave them the opportunity to make a pit stop on the Cape Verde.

Thanks to the team in the Netherlands, the new equipment was sent to the harbour and the team was able to continue the adventure with only a delay of two days. 

At this moment, the team is progressing tremendously and making up for lost time. […] The team, captain and everyone back home is calculating to find out what the expected time of arrival will be. If the wind picks up again and they keep kiting the way they do now, they will probably arrive around December 17th. However, this is a prediction and nothing is certain, which was proved during the first week of the crossing.” (Thanks to Mystic for this update!)

The last few days had their share of adventure too, with one of the team member’s kite deflating during his night ride… Can you imagine, being in the middle (litterally!) of the Atlantic Ocean, with thousands of feet of water under you, lots of more or less friendly sea creatures living in those thousand feet… in total darkness. Must be quite the experience! And try to maneuver a catamaran in 20 knots of wind, in the dark, to be precise enough to pick someone up with their gear… “What turned out to be the most intense part of the ordeal, was being meters away from safety, and no matter how hard I swam, not being able to reach the back of the boat. At one moment, I thought Filippo had the board in his hands, and yet it was still cm’s away and again in moments I was out of reach. Captain Erik made the call to release the dinghy, and after a few more minutes of intense swimming, I was able to reach it and climb in. How great it felt to be back home!”

Read the complete blog post here – very interesting!

Then followed a windless time…

Windless Atlantic - Enable Passion

Who could have thought that the Atlantic ocean can be so calm? The team hence had to wait a bit, but the wind came back up and a couple hours ago they were back at it with 20 something knots of wind. Perfect conditions!

To keep up to date with the team’s latest developments, go like their facebook page  and check their blog regularly for updates!


Nazaré blows up – surf video

It is big

Very BIG

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 17.10.06Before sunrise the farol da Nazaré was packed like never before with spectators to watch the ZON North Canyon Team – Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton and Hugo Vau – ride collosal waves from the biggest Atlantic swell so far this winter.

The day was similar to last January 28th. This time it was the UK’s Andrew Cotton who snagged the wave of the day. “Definitely the biggest waves I have ever seen.” said Cotton. “Tricky, challenging and definitely dangerous”.

“It was a wild day in Nazaré and I am so grateful everyone survived and that I was able to put my good friend on that bomb”, said Garrett McNamara, who haunts the Nazare canyon whenever the charts turn scarlet.

Also in the water today were Carlos Burle, Maya Gabeira, Pedro Scooby, Felipe Cesarano, Eric Rebiere, Sylvio Mancusi and Rodrigo Koxa.

McNamara decided to stop surfing after Mayas Gabeira suffered a brutal wipeout, and was washed unconscious onto the beach. Fortunately, she was successfully resuscitated faces no serious consequences.