Thursday rainy video day: Citibike as a BMX

There’s a lot of talk about the limitatons of Citi Bikes: they’re heavy, people say, they’re slow, and they’re more suited to boring workday commutes than cycling that’s exciting in any way. In the spirit of testing those supposed limits, street BMX king Tyrone Williams–co-owner of Chinatown bike shop Dah Shop and Animal Bikes team rider– takes one for a spin and shows everyone how it’s done. See the video above.


Video from Larry vs Harry – Bullit bikes

Love these bikes – nice video too if a bit heavy on the vignette


Another film in the series of portraits about Danish Cycling Pioneers from Bicycle Innovation Lab in Copenhagen.

Larry vs Harry – Lars Malmborg & Hans Bullitt Fogh are the designers of the iconic Bullitt cargo bike.

By Copenhagenize Design Co. –


A new Bike (be warned it is going to be bright)

Popped into Glasgow Bike shed the other day to drop off 2 older kids bike for them to recycle and sell …. then chatted to Richard the manager about bikes. He was doing up an old reynolds Steel 531 frame and painting it a bright orange.

Orange sir ....?

Pulled out some garish green wheels as well and I new that it would be mine ….

that one please

Watch this space.

Video I did for them still doing the rounds as well – over 6000 plays to date