Are you ready for the Tour De France – Velogames

Time nearly for the TdF

I invite any reader to enter a team at VeloGames (It is free) choose a team and play fantasy racing ..

Screenshot 2015-06-25 18.53.57

then enter The Blogger Heads league – 25184553

And may the best Directeur d’Sportif win … (I will reveal my team after the start ….)

March Monthly Update – Stats

Had a busy work filled month – my efforts to average 1hr/day sadly failed

Will make an effort to do more next month – but despite this setback on the exercise front I am very chuffed that so many people read this disparate and weird blog – below is the WordPress Stats ….. so to all you out there thank you very much.


Wordpress Readers



Upgrade those transit wheels! (via Brompton Ranger’s Blog)

Not got my Brompton yet but always good to pick other people’s brains (and blogs)

Upgrade those transit wheels! Shortly after I got my Brompton one of my transit wheels (read: wobbly little black cone) decided to split. I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but it did, so I decided to get some new ones! I did some research from others who updgraded theirs with various things from rollerblade wheels to the official Brompton “Eazy Wheels”. I was tempted by the “Eazy Wheels” initially as they seemed to offer me a more robust solution, but then I also liked … Read More

via Brompton Ranger’s Blog