Yesterday pootle meant I struck gold (or how not to let a creak spoil the ride)

Blue skies – a break in work and the dilemma about whether to go road cycling or mtb’ing (some dilemma)

Well it was fab … well apart from the niggle you get when something on the bike is not in perfect synchronous perfection with the rest. Those that read this blog will know I love my ti brides (titanium lynskey bikes – a Cooper road bike and a Ridgeline SL 29’er) but the 29er is being a bit naughty.

Well the crank/bottom bracket needs some timeout on the naughty step (not the owner of course)/ The chain side crank keeps on working loose and then there is the slight creak whenever I stand up and give it some torque. Eeeek Nnnnnnk Eeeeeek Nnnnnnnk. I have taken to carrying the large allen key with me to do a mid ride tighten but what I need to do is go into my LBS and get some lock grease.

But I put the noise out of my mind – the rohloff is particularly sweet in terms of little transmission noise – and rode. The only moment i stopped was to strip off a layer and then to stop at the end of a descent to scoff down a wee bar of flapjack goodness. When i got back i loaded up the gps and bang 

2 x KOM and a smattering of places

Screenshot 2014-09-10 20.30.14

Now most people don’t care about these things but i felt a small tinkle of happiness being a competitive over 40 has been of an athlete. But i don’t expect this to last long as the person I scuppered is a Strava KOM poacher of renown – I expect my glorified basking in the sun victorious feat to last at least 10 hours.

Screenshot 2014-09-10 14.54.17

this descent is a nice fire road/trail mix that was actually feeling quite tough in the dry – it feels smoother when slightly damp but I guess that is the friction.

Off for a ride tomorrow – might just make it a roadie day as playing 5 a side tonight and my legs probably won’t be working.

Dream Bikes – Tourer Heaven

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 21.35.49

The Co-Motion Americano Rohloff combines unmatched frame reliability with the amazing Rohloff Speed hub’s 14 internal gears, eliminating the need for derailleurs. Borrowing from our tandem experience, we include an eccentric bottom bracket to easily take up chain slack. We designed our own house-made dropout for superbly elegant and simple integration of the Rohloff hub system.

Self-locking eccentric bottom bracket for simple, clean chain adjustment
14-speed internally-geared hub means sleek, derailleur-free set up for unparalleled reliability
Dual disc brakes for excellent safety and control
Upgrade to the Classic Trim Package with a Brooks B17 saddle, and leather grips/bar tape plus a nickel-plated Co-Motion head-badge
Now available with Gates Carbon Drive option
Larger head tube with internal Chris King Inset headset

belt and rohloff

Another Ti Bride (potential) Kinesis Gran Fondo Ti

this looks very tasty

Racelight Gran Fondo Ti – Highlights

Ti 3AL/2.5V: The GF Ti is constructed from an aerospace grade Titanium alloy: 94% titanium, 3% aluminum and 2.5% vanadium. This is one of the strongest alloys of titanium available in a seamless tube form.

CWSR: ‘Cold Worked Stress Relieved’ tubing. The tubing is shaped cold and then goes through a process to remove the stresses built up within the tube during forming.

HEADSET: Integrated 11/8″, 36º/45º for a 45mm OD head tube. The headset drops into a tapered seat in the head tube and is tensioned using a headset tensioner within the fork steerer. Tensioning the headset centres it on the taper and prevents any play.

FORK: DC21. Carbon bladed with alloy crown and steerer. Eyeletted for mudguards. 520g.

R2000 Stays: Seat stays have a 2m radius curve. We tried ‘hourglass’ bend and various different curves and found a 2m radius was best for both comfort and performance over distance, which is what this frame is all about.

SEAT POST: 31.6mm. SEAT CLAMP: 34.9mm. FRONT MECH: 34.9mm. BB: 68mm. British.

” The overall finish of the frame is a work of art with tidy welds throughout including double passes on the higher stressed areas…It is one of the most sorted frames I’ve ever ridden and for everything except for out and out racing it will provide everything you need”

At Epic Cycles we pride ourselves on providing bikes to suit your own individual needs. The following specification is intended only to provide an example of what we have fitted to our test bikes – every single component can be selected to suit you personally and we can also supply the Gran Fondo Ti as a frameset only option.

Kinesis Racelight Gran Fondo Ti 105 – £2170

Racelight Gran Fondo Ti 3AL/2.5V Frame
Racelight DC21 GF Carbon 1 1/8″ fork
Shimano 105 5700 Compact 10sp Groupset
Mavic Aksium WTS 2012 wheelset
Mavic Aksion tyres
Pro PLT stem and handlebars
Kinesis GF carbon seatpost
Ritchey Streem saddle

Other sample builds include:

Same bike with Shimano Tiagra 10sp 2012 groupset – £1995
Same bike with Campagnolo Veloce 2012 groupset – £2045Same bike with Shimano Ultegra 2012 groupset – £2295

Masi Prestige Reynolds 753 eBay NICE

Masi Prestige in rare Reynolds 753 tubing – restored by Alberto Masi

1977 Masi Prestige. 1977 first version in rare Reynolds 753 tubing. Campagnolo Super Record.

Very nice Masi Prestige from November 1977. The bike has been recently repainted by Masi and completely checked and reassembled. The color is the original Coppi-Carpano grey (the color of the bikes from the Carpano team). The Masi decals are the original ones from the ’70s, not replicas.The code “0” punched on the bottom bracket shell (please see picture) indicates that this bicycle has been built using Reynolds 753 tubing. Masi built very few bicycles using this material and this bike is a rare example. The tubing is lighter than regular 531. The chainstays are thicker and more rigid.

Please note the “heart-shaped” motives on the seat lugs, under the seat pin lock, and on the cable routers on top of the bottom bracket shell. These are all signs of a custom preparation.

The collar of the front derailleur has been drilled personally by Alberto Masi in the ’70s and the original retaining screw has been upgraded to a stainless steel one (also in the ’70s).

The groupset is a complete Campagnolo Super Record. The crankset is from 1978 and the crank arms are 170mm long.

The rear derailleur has been upgraded in 1981 and the freewheel is a NOS Regina Extra.


A set of NOS Clément Criterium Servizio Corse tubular tires have just been installed. These are extremely hard to find. They haven’t been glued to the rim.


The bike comes with the original Silca Impero air pump, engraved Masi. The pump has an original Campagnolo metallic valve.


The original Alfredo Binda pedal straps have not been replaced, because they are still perfectly fine to use. An extra set of Alfredo Binda straps will be included. These are NOS and they are the hard to find buffalo skin version.


Two original NOS Masi Gran Criterium water bottles will be included. A yellow and a white one.
The bicycle size is 54cm top tube center to center and 54cm seat tube center to center.
The winner of the auction will receive a printed certificate of originality from Mr.Alberto Masi