a warm,wild, wet and windy winter day

Whilst the rest of the country deals with flooding and storm damage (and I have sympathy for their plight) but we in Scotland make the most of the weather and so today was Kitesurfing day. Initial plan was too leave early and get a session in before the rain came in at 1pm but the funny thing is that when the wind is westerly the island of Arran off the coast seems to deflect the worst of the weather especially when it is howling.

Barassie beach just to the north of Troon harbour
Barassie beach just to the north of Troon harbour

Kites Best TS 8m and Best Cabo 6m – Got down later probably after 12 then rigged up. Firstly pumped up the 6m kite as it felt like a good 28-32 knots …. but then the wind lulled before i even left the grass so pumped up the 8m (now officially my big kite as i hate cruising on big kite days) and went down to the beach as the clouds passed sucking in even more wind in its tail … so ran back shoved the 8m in the car and out again on the 6m.

Wind was gusty but good 1908936_10152260919789993_1081725259_oyou can see the stats here 18knots gusting 32 when I got on the water and then for the next hour was 17 gusting 28 …. 17 was a bit low for the 6m but in the gusts it was great.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 19.18.08I took the new board down it is a Cabrinha Tronic 137 and it is amazing in the choppy conditions and with the bigger fins (than my last board) it kites a lot flatter so the spray is a bit cleaner and not one eyeful of spray into your eyes …. i love it straight off and the H1 pads and straps are fantastic so comfy.

Out with the old Slingshot Lunacy on the left and in with the new Cabrinha Tronic on the right
Out with the old Slingshot Lunacy on the left and in with the new Cabrinha Tronic on the right

I tried a few little speed sections between the waves and the board felt fast – but only 21.7 knots max so i am sure the 8m will be quicker as the Cabo sits quite deep in the window (well it is a wave kite)




Ho ho ho – more xmas cheer for me

The realisation that my slingshot Lunacy 129 Lenten is not the best board for me has been confirmed.

just ordered this in 137cm 41cm sizing – bad news is that it only arrives in late January …..

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 14.44.40

+ Chop Killer
+ Smooth Ride in a Variety of Conditions + Great Carving
+ Incredible Edge Hold for Boosting
+ Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 14.44.58

The Tronic is a performance freeride model with a shape and build that allows a rider the ability to crossover and experiment in any and all types of riding including hucking huge lofty airs. The Tronic twin tip delivers top performance and slash and run type of riding in small waves or choppy water. The Tronic curved tip outline and generous rocker is a chop killer. It cuts through rough water with ease and adds a whole new dimension of g-force inducing turns when banking off of waves or redirecting in the flats.

2014 Cabrinha Spectrum Tech and Specifications

Length (cm) Width (cm)
134 40
137 41
141 42
145 43






Technical features

  • Biax Glass Laminate
  • Moderate rocker
  • Hex concave centER botto m shape
  • the narrow tips deliver power control for carving
  • Ultrabo nd PU rails
  • M6 insert blocks
  • 45mm G10 wake fins

H1 Bindings



The 2014 Cabrinha H1 binding is a one strap asymmetrical body shape which provides a positive fit for the rider looking for board control with ease of use. Your foot sits on a super cushy footpad podium with bountiful arch support, toe grips, and generous heel coverage.