Jedburgh Half Marathon

breakfast of champions

It is strange having to set alarms for the first day after the clocks change – my two watches are radio sync watches so wasn’t sure if the time was going to change automatically or not. In the end I set about 3 alarms to make sure I didn’t end up leaving an hour early for the race. Initially Findlay said he would drive – saving me the 2hr car trip – but as he was doing gigs up in Perthshire he decided to head straight there. So my routine on race day was wake at 7am … tactical ablution then the breakfast of champions, raw porridge oats, banana and a bit of honey. Clif Bar was for eating in the car. Picked up Douglas at 8am and hit the motorway for a quick stop an hour later for an espresso hit. Registration at 10am (the roads were also closing at 10:30am so had to be inside the cordon for then. Then tog up – stay hydrated and slight warm up (at this distance I don’t think a long warm up is needed in the same way as you do for a 5km race)

The weather was actually pretty good about 11C degrees, no rain as forecast earlier in the week – think that passed over on Saturday night … but there was a bit of wind which would change the second half of the race.

Race headed out and I got to see the leaders leg away into the distance …. in Fact when I was at the 9.5km mark I could see the leaders coming back at around the 12km mark … Winner Male – Robert Gilroy – 1 hour 12.04 minutes

Had a gel pack with me on the run that Fin had bought me … used on bike before but never running – had it just before half way – then picked up a water as well to wash it down and wash my hands which got covered in gloop …. quite good – should maybe have saved it a bit for later but who knows what the effect really was.

The course is great – although it won’t be the quickest as it is quite hilly and on the return we battled into a headwind of around 15mph. I got together with 2 other guys to push the pace up – figuring out on taking turns at the front to set a better pace … I had my brother in laws time in mind (he is 10 years younger but did a 1H31m time in the Glasgow Half) this worked well although the one chap dropped off about 3 miles from the end  and the other about a mile from the end. Was running then with Fiona who had a Glasgow Traithlon top on and her coach / hubby who was heckling encouraging her around the course. The last big hill he was going ‘c’mon the hills are your friend’ So i said out loud ‘they are not my friend so don’t worry if you don’t like them’ …. the other runners laughed, she grimaced and the coach didn’t express anything ….

Footpod out slightly laps are about 1.05km long ... 11sec less /km

Last push over the hill and saw the 1H31s tick over on my watch … the 6 miles into a headwind had sapped my last effort to break 1H30. Still only my second half marathon and 10minutes quicker than my first ….. I am going to train properly for the next one and smash 1H30.

elevation profile

Douglas got a 1H48 and Findlay a 1H51 PB’s all around – did you run – if so how did it go ……?

So the result 1H31m 26seconds (chip time)  66th out of 527 finishers and 19th out of semi old over 40 farts. ave pace 6:59/mile or 4m20/km and lastly but not least a medal for effort (which we like)