Bike porn needs a good foffa

Was browsing for a gates belt drive fixie but I do like these. Foffa primo but which colour?

The ‘Prima’ is foffa’s signature single speed bicycle revolved around a cromoly 4130 double butted steel frame, which makes it sturdy on the city roads and at the same time as light as steel can get.

Using a track frame geometry to allow for a more compact and upright posture, the prima takes the best parts of early 20th century bike design and combines them with modern technology to create a timeless and fast machine ideal for cycling around town.




It is my Brompton yes and it is special

purple back in fashion

So you have a brompton and you have chose the colours that best match your style/teeth/porcine preferences/retirement cheque but it still isn’t quite you.

Then this is what you can do:

Customise the bike with custom wood Brompton fenders HERE

See the grain

Knit it a special jacket

knitted cover

Furnish it with a special bag

Custom spanish bags

Brompton Colour picker

Further to the previous post of trying to choose a colour – here is an app that lets you see what your idea looks like … (apparently not working so have a look here)

screengrab in lotus inspired BRG and yellow