Theatre Thursday: NYC is handsome

I like the enthusiasm but the pedestrian charging aint so sweet ….. but pretty film

“NYC is Handsome – On The Streets with Gabriel Frilando” is a short film based in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York City. Known as “CheatDeathNYC” Gabriel Frilando shares his poetic, yet aggressive style of riding amid the streets of New York City.

The project is a collaboration between Jonathan Chapman / JCP and Minneapolis based Handsome Cycles.

Photographer & Director – Jonathan Chapman / JCP
Edit – Joseph McMahon

Fixies in their natural element

We are off to London so here is a London theme – those mad (wo)and men on their flying machines ….

Photos by Geoff Waugh – connect to the man here

Fixies in their natural habitat; London and in particular east London. These portraits were shot by Geoff Waugh around the streets of Shoreditch, flitting from coffee bar to cafe and stepping out to ambush the unsuspecting riders and commit their image to pixels. This is an ongoing photoproject. Stay tuned for more images very soon.

HERE are some that stand out for me

russian girl with fixie
`low, pro and yellow
1949 BSA - the oldest fixie in town?
Black, green and gold
red or shred

Sweet doccie on Bike Couriers

Apparently a student doccie that the guy made in 1997

bike couriers in London – wild time, wild skills, wild luck. Back when the capital was a dangerous place to commute – I lived in London 1995-2000 was scary with blacks cabs seemingly on a hunting mission.

the fastest man messenger in town – fixie courier vid


Directed shot and cut by:
René Sascha Johannsen

Jimmie Jumbo Bargisen

Post sound:
Kim G Hansen

Rune Geertsen

Thank you:
Track Bike Shop Copenhagen

DR Pirat TV 2010