People ride this for Love and Money

DH at this weekend

Look at the course and these guys are riding the course without anger – crazy.

The mountain bike season concludes this week with the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships, held in Vallnord-La Massana, Andorra, high among the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France. Athletes will compete in the disciplines of cross-country Olympic, Eliminator, team relay, downhill and trials for the right to wear the rainbow stripes all through the next season.

The action begins on Tuesday with the Eliminator, a short intense competition, where riders compete four at a time on a 900 metre technically demanding track, with the top-2 of each heat moving on to the next round until only four riders are left to race for the titles for Women and Men.

MENTAL mentaaaaalllll Monday Madness

This video might not be new but it is New to me …. can’t believe the madness – if it was me and it wouldn’t be I would definitely have some padding (maybe bike leather and a helmet) – this guy a pro by all accounts but what skill and mighty mighty Cojones. Sense of skill comes when he casually plucks the balanced GoPro back from the truck at 70kmh one handed.


This rider from Brazil who last month clocked up an astonishing 124 kilometres an hour while drafting a lorry – and all filmed on a Go Pro camera that he attached to the back of the truck and retrieved after hitting that top speed.

To begin with, it’s just a couple of guys riding behind a truck as they pick up speed, but things get interesting at around about the halfway point when the road heads downhill, including some bunny hops at more than 100kph – and they’re having an awful lot of fun, too.

The video’s description on YouTube doesn’t give too much away, but it does pin the language down to Portuguese.

The sponsor of one of the rider’s kits, ATP Gráfica Editora, is a graphic design business in the city of Curitiba, in southern Brazil, and a little bit of detective work led us to the Facebook page of the cyclist who took the video, Evandro Portela.

In response to comments about his apparent lack of regard for his own safety, one of his friends says: “It’s not for everyone … I’ve known Evandro Portela for a long time and I’ve never seen anyone ride a bike like this guy.

“As they say in all the extreme sports TV shows, “Don’t try this at home” … So if you’re risk conscious and value your safety, leave it to those who developed the technique. He knows the risks he’s taking.

“Enjoy the video and put the criticism to one side because each of them knows what he’s doing.”

At 77 miles an hour, the speed Portela set is some way short of the 112mph that Guy Martin achieved last year in a programme for Channel 4.

Unlike Portela, who was riding a Wilier road bike, Martin set his speed on a bike built for the purpose, the lorry had a massive fairing attached to the rear of the cab, and the Isle of Man TT star was wearing motorcycle leathers, not Lycra.

Lost in Peru VIDEO

Join Ali Goulet, Chris Van Dine and Aaron Chase as they explore a foreign land on an epic trip around Peru.

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I have never been one for DH but this ……

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First / f1rst a film about mountain destroying

Now I don’t downhill and I can’t imagine going through a rock garden with little visible effort like these guys but watched this film tonight (on my racer on a turbo trainer) and enjoyed it. As a film maker I would say there wasn’t enough tension built into the film no sense of (to use the dreaded BBC execs terminology) jeopardy. Doing interviews after the fact recounting the year is always going to get a reflective process instead of pure raw emotion. ….. My guess is access was a problem but in your face interviews throughout the year would have better revealed the racers mind.

Still however a good film … It’s on Lovefilm for the UK crowd so you can watch online ….

Here is a preview…

When the rain and mud cant put you off line

Incentive for the half marathon in the rain and wind – if Danny Hart can do this in downhill – a little jog shouldn’t put me off

Great Britain’s Danny Hart gave us a master class in downhill racing as he demolished the wet Champéry track in a show of dominance not seen here since Hill’s infamous run of 2007.

Coming off the back of an amazing 2nd place at the last round of the World Cup in Val di Sole, Hart went one better to cut more than 11 seconds off the time set by silver medalist Damien Spagnolo (FRA)… even finding time to showboat over the last jumps.

A defining moment in Downhill racing, the 2011 World Championships are sure to go down in history. Roll on the 2012 season…

insane urban bike race in chile

I have seen insanity and it happens on the streets of Valparaiso, Chile. The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race is a legendary urban bike race. The rider must brave jumps, stray dogs, and flights of stairs along the steep downhill path. The first person perspective provided by the excellent helmet cam lets us take in every glorious and frightening detail. Do yourself a favor and watch this one in full screen mode.

Also, check out this roundup from the 2011 race, which was won by Filip Polc.