Another Day – Another Lynskey – feeling fly on my ti

Dropped the girls off at school and was supposed to start my edit but the sun was out and it was warm so work was scuppered in favour of a jaunt out on the newly built Lynskey Ridgeline 29er. My first ride on it was only a 10 mile lop in the snow and ice and although it felt good the conditions made it difficult to tell.

click the pic to go to strava
click the pic to go to strava



I went out of Glasgow to my local trail and then horror I could feel some movement in the cranks and sure enough it hadnt been tightened enough when it was built up. Check my bag and multitool and horror 0 the large allen is needed and that is at home as I never need it right?


So cycle slowly back into the local village and borrow a small handled allen key from a shoemaker / key cutter. It feels tight but I cant be sure. I bomb down the trail and come to a section that I have never managed to clear in the past and there you go 29er wheel roll through no problem and i even manage to climb the tricky rock lump ascent at the end no bother (setting a strava 3rd position PR at the same time)

Then it started working loose again – I stopped took some pics then dropped through roots and rocks and set my fastest time on that despite there being loads of mud and the section is more chewed up than I have ever seen it before …. I believe the hype the bike just rolls incredible well. Whether this is all because of 29er wheels or helped by the cracking DT swiss fork XMM100 I cant tell – all i can tell is that i like it … A LOT


ti bride (the dirty one)
ti bride (the dirty one)

And the looks well the bike looks sweet – a 26.5lbs rohloff Lynskey Ridgeline SL 29er with Rohloff Speedhub





A good ride made better

There is something to be said for riding and more importantly riding with pals.

the route strava - click to go there
the route strava – click to go there

Up the crow – normal ride on Sunday and joined by ‘new to the road bike lark’ pal. He said up to 60km was fine so this was going to be just under that – up the Crow Road and the Campsies and then straight back down.

Got out of bed – weather report had said sun – made a wish pulled back curtains to drizzle. so running tights over the cycling 3/4 and a waterproof top were donned. Met at his house at 9am then off we went chatting and cycling. Kept the speed low around 22-24kmh on the flat and then headed north. The etiquette on the crow is ‘go for it’ so went up a bit harder then doubled back at the top to come down and join him on his climb. brief stop ….

nick at the top in the mist
nick at the top in the mist


in my fetching new Campag top (style police say German colour / italian top / american bike / Japanese group set / mild confusion)

photo 2


lot of gunk and grit on the road and the bike needed a wash on its return to the flat …. quick bucket downstairs then back inside ….


photo 3


Someone (err me) has a new toy

New edge 510 just unwrapped – spent a few minutes setting it up – if you have used devices before be assured it is all pretty intuitive; have yet to open the instruction book.
Downloaded Garmin connect app for the phone – looked at some older info – and the screen really does give you some good data.

Check the foot strike rate for the race (cadence) pretty consistent.

New Garmin 510 and 810 computers


Garmin have launched two brand new GPS computers today, the Edge 810 and 510 GPS computers, which feature smartphone connectivity, live tracking and weather updates and easy social media sharing.

Externally, the 810 is virtually identical to the previous 800. The same dimensions and colour touchscreen, with no improvement in the resolution. The 510 meanwhile has a larger form factor, and gets a full colour screen and improved interface over the current 500.

The Edge 810 has a 2.6in colour screen with a 17 hour battery life and is compatible with optional detailed street or TOPO maps including BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. The Edge 510 has a new larger 2.2in colour touchscreen display and is compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellites for faster satellite acquisition and improved signal lock. The 510 offers the promise of a 20 hour battery life.

We expected there might be a big update for the popular Edge series in our 2013 predictions and trends article, but it’s clear from the name this is a smaller update than we might have expected. There’s a lot more functionality packed inside both new computers however, and both now boast the ability to connect to your smartphone so you can do cool things like live tracking and easier sharing of your ride data through various social media networks. Perhaps most useful of all to us UK cyclists is the live weather mode. The Edge 510 does everything the 810 does bar the navigational stuff.

The new Garmin Connect Mobile app (runs on iOS and Android) hooks up to the new Edge via Bluetooth so you can post details of your ride straight to Facebook or Twitter the moment you step of the bike at the end of a ride. No waiting to plug the Edge into a computer before you can share. In a world where more and more people are using smartphones and tablets, this is a smart move by Garmin.

Live tracking means family and friends can follow your ride from the comfort of the sofa. This will be of limited interest to many people, but for big races and challenge rides it is a good way of letting anyone interested track your progress live.

Perhaps more useful is the real-time weather forecasts and alerts the Edge 810 can serve up when paired with your smartphone. Now you could adjust your ride accordingly if there is a storm approaching. I wonder if it would be possible to ensure you always finish a ride with a tailwind?

The new Garmin Connect Mobile app will also make it easier to download routes and activities to your Garmin. Simply choose a route you want to follow and send it from your smartphone to the Edge computer.

The Edge 810 now does mutliple bikes and activities more easily, which those people who use their current Garmin on different bikes will appreciate. So you can easily swap it from your mountain bike to your road bike and back to your cyclocross bike. You can adjust the displayed data for each activity, so you could display a power based output on the road bike and switch to heart rate data on the cyclocross bike.

“With these new connected Edge devices, riders can continue to expect robust data, industry leading accuracy and durability that cyclists have come to know from Garmin,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Using the connectivity through smartphones, we will enable cyclists to take advantage of features such as real-time tracking and instant uploads, while keeping their phones safe in their saddle bags and relying on the power of the Edge on their handlebars, to provide accurate data in all conditions.”

The aftermarket silicone protective cases are now available in some bright colours to complement the colour of your bike.

Riding Glen Tanar and Garmin Edge Review

Started the morning towing my 5 year old around Glen Tanar estate on her tag-a-long doing a quick 10km ride. She loves it and said she was desperate to be on her littlebike riding the trails by herself which is always a good sign.

Went for a 25km ride in the afternoon from a friend’s place in deeside over the hills and dropped into Glen Tanar estate for a quick loop. One of those rides that is mainly all up then al down and the down was mainly very smooth forestry road – not terrible exciting as no singletrack.

Next day did the same route but headed up toward mount Kean (one ofthe few Munroe that is easy to cycle) but had time pressure as I had to be back for a 4th birthday party. Will do the complete ride one day – looks promising and a good 1500m+ of climbing.

Used the new (to me) garmin edge 305 and it is brilliant – everything you would really want from a HRM / cycle computer.

Still playing around with the setup – managed to dislodge it once as i grabbed bike stem while opening farmers gate – it flew off but undamaged.

As for screen options – still playing around with setup – at the moment I have

SCREEN 1 (display 5)
Max Speed / Distance
Time (cycling) / Heart Rate

SCREEN 2 (display 5 again)
Heart Rate
Total Ascent / Cadence
Calories / Time of Day




altimeter graph