Strathpuffer a video online


A short Documentary film made for University following indivduals taking part in the 2013 24 Hour Strathpuffer Mountain Race in the Highlands of Scotland.

Music by:
Shirt State ‘Computer’
Donald Macdonald and the Islands ‘Blown away’
Jose Gonzales ‘Crosses’
Frightened Rabbit ‘Loneliness’

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it was also profiled on the adventure show on BBC scotland – you can that here if you are in the UK fr the next 3 days only


it’s all about the taper

Selkirk MTB marathon on Sunday – Anyone else doing it and still deciding whether to enter the long or medium ride. (reminder to oneself check weather then decide)

So last nights 5 a side game was my last exercise …. taper down now so that I am super fresh for Sunday …..

Polar Training load – looking nice and low for Sunday …

Selkirk Marathon Coming Up … Are you ready

Next marathon – Selkirk on the 19-20th May 2012

The next round will take us to the other spiritual home of the MTB-Marathon Series – Selkirk in the Scottish borders. But this time the Scottish round is not just earlier in the year but it will also feature the UK Marathon Championships.

You can enter Selkirk HERE

CYCLING HERO – Do you think you cycled far? – Tommy Godwin’s ‘unbreakable’ cycling record

Tommy Godwin

Tommy Godwin cycled the equivalent of three times around the world in a year. It has been described as an “unbreakable” record. I only just heard about him after some news about him came out saying he was carrying the torch prior to the olympics and at the cyclist reference I had no clue …. luckily wikipedia and some googling came to light. According to Singletrack the chap Dave Bartlett is writing a book which will be good to read … he was also badly quoted in this shoddy BBC article … but you get an idea of the legend that was/is Tommy Godwin.

In 1939, Tommy Godwin rode 75,065 miles in a single year to set an endurance riding record that some believe will never be beaten.

In fact, he kept on going until 14 May 1940, setting the record for the time taken to ride 100,000 miles.

Born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1912, Godwin would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. But unfortunately, Godwin’s record is now largely forgotten.

The Year Record has fallen out of fashion and is no longer the coveted cycling achievement it used to be.

Imagine spending every day in the saddle for 18 hours, covering over 200 miles, repairing any mechanical failures, picking yourself up after crashes and then riding even further the next day to make up lost time.

When I tell other cyclists about the record, they simply don’t believe it’s possible”

Dave Barter – Year Record historian

The distance is the equivalent of three times around the world in a single year, or riding from John O’Groats to Land’s End and back every week. 1443 miles per week – for transatlantic readers or those more worldly – that is Boston to Miami EVERY WEEK for a year.

It was all achieved on a heavy steel bike with only four gears. Yet more than 70 years later, the record still stands.

‘Beyond the limit’

“It’s those statistics that make the record virtually unbreakable,” said Dave Barter, a keen cyclist who is writing a book about the Year Record.

“I’ve gone through his mileage diaries and painstakingly recreated each day’s mileage into a spreadsheet.

“Sometimes he survived on four hours’ sleep and there were probably days when he didn’t even bother and just carried on and kipped in a field for an hour.

Godwin had to learn how to walk normally again when he finished the challenge

“He pushed it [the record] beyond the limit of any mere mortal.

“I worked with a guy who tried it again this year – he lasted about a month and a half.

“The essence of it is that for a year you have to completely give up your whole life.

“When I tell other cyclists about the record, they simply don’t believe it’s possible.”

‘Butcher’s bike’

Godwin’s daughter, Barbara Ford, described her father as “hard as nails” but also said that he was really “a big softie”.

“There was nothing he wouldn’t tackle or do, and nothing he wouldn’t do to help anyone.”

“At 14, he used to ride a bike in a pair of shoes he’d borrowed from the lady next door.

“He’d get on an iron-framed butcher’s bike and cycle a road race of 25 miles and win it.

“He never bragged or told anyone. He was so unassuming and didn’t want any fuss.

“He once saved a woman from a fire, and after checking she was ok, he simply got on his bike and carried on riding.

“All his cups and trophies, he gave away. It wasn’t that he was ungrateful – he just didn’t need any recognition.

“When they unveiled a plaque in his honour someone asked me what my dad would have said. I told them he wouldn’t have turned up.

“Everyone should have had the privilege of meeting Tommy Godwin, because he was just so lovely.

“I remember asking him why he attempted the record.

“He just said: ‘Why not? Why did Mallory Hillary climb Everest? Because it’s there.’

“He did it just because he loved cycling so much.

“Guinness did say that my dad’s record would always be safe. They won’t accept a challenge because they think it’s too dangerous.”

‘Unimaginable constitution’

Tommy Godwin

Godwin often slept in a field to get some well-earned rest

There are also issues over verification: it would be all too easy for a rider these days to swap a tracking unit with other riders.

Tracking devices did not exist in 1939, so Godwin’s mileage was verified by respected figures such as police officers, and posted daily to Cycling – the magazine that originally set up the challenge.

Stoke-on-Trent cycling legend Brian Rourke said: “In theory, the record should be breakable because new road surfaces and modern bikes offer a huge advantage.

“They can do 500 miles in a day now. But to do over 200 miles, every day for a year, on a three-speed bike made of steel, is basically impossible.

“Nobody could ever match his record. Even if it was broken, the conditions just aren’t comparable.” After the feat, Godwin had to learn to walk normally again and uncurl his hands. Yet within weeks, he was serving his country in the RAF.

“I honestly don’t know how he did it. His constitution is just unimaginable,” said Mr Rourke.

“He is totally unique – someone the world will never see the likes of again.”

Here is a clip of him speaking ( a different tommy see more below) – what a geezer and no mention of his amazing year feat JUST the olympic medals …… (which is why no mention – I am an idiot)

Five Seed Warm-Cool Muscle Rub (via All Seasons Cyclist)

Seems good – will try source some in the UK – think muscle rollers may be more beneficial though ….

Five Seed Warm-Cool Muscle Rub One of the reasons many people don’t ride their bikes as much as they would like to is because of “sore muscles.” Their problems really start before they even get on the bike—most newbies forget to stretch before they ride. They often add to their pain by having their saddle at the wrong height and when they get home they are too tired to stretch after the ride, let alone pay attention to eating the proper food for recovery. If you don’t properly … Read More

via All Seasons Cyclist