Reblog: Froome fashionista


Is he on a trampoline? Chris Froome pictured mid-air with Pinarello Dogma on the cover of Issue 1 of sports magazine UNLTD

Chris Froome, perhaps better known for his steely determination on the bike, has been snapped doing his own version of ‘blue steel(link is external)‘ for a magazine shoot.

As if on a trampoline, Froome appears on the cover of French football magazine Surface’s new title, UNLTD, suspended in mid-air gripping a Pinarello Dogma and wearing some sort of fashion blanket-cape-hoodie. We think it rather suits him.

The Froome cover is one of three images for UNLTD’s first edition featuring pro athletes – all of them seemingly on the UNLTD trampoline – the other two being basketballer Kevin Durant, and French Pole Vaulter, Renaud Lavillenie.

Who said cyclists can’t be fashionable?

London Look

I love coming to London – bikes are everywhere – this chap waiting for someone outside angel tube was just one of thousands. But I like the pic snapped on my iPhone ….
Definitely noticed a swing these past few years from fixies through to classic bikes. Lots of old steel on the road.
Another London game to play is count the bromptons – most I saw at one traffic light was 8 and that was just in a day and a half. I am lucky if I see another brompton when cycling in Glasgow …… Critical mass and all that.