Theatre thursday: Grasshopper series

Over the past 18 years, a small training ride has grown into a coveted mixed-terrain race series: the Grasshopper Adventures. Ranging in length, terrain, and difficulty, the Hoppers have become a staple of early season California endurance racing, with many of regions fastest pros coming out to push themselves on the remote routes. During the spring of 2016, Kitsbow followed series founder Miguel Crawford and his Sonoma County clan on a discovery ride for the new Skaggs route. In final form, it covered 97 miles and over 10K feet of climbing, finishing on 10-miles of brutal single track around lake Sonoma. The scouting was beautiful and tough, but the Skaggs race day itself proved to be an incredible test of stamina and in some cases, self preservation. We’ll plant this firmly in the center of Type-2 fun. We hope you enjoy.

Theatre Thursday: West Side innit

“It’s crazy how fast time goes by when you’re having a good time. Usually, you already have some sort of expectations before starting a trip; about places you may visit, or experiences you might live. But truth is, that the journey itself is full of surprises. It’s the people you meet along the way who make the difference. People you can share your passion with, who turn unknown places into a second home.The number of special moments we have lived along the journey have by far exceeded our initial expectations. It has been an unforgettable experience, that pushes us to keep on traveling, doing what we care about most.”

– MARCO GASSER (film, direction & edit)
– FABIO GASSER (film, direction & edit)
– DANI MELO (artwork)

– JUANMA POZO (founder)
– DANI MELO (art director)
– URI BORDES (ceo)
– XAVI FUENTES (roadtrip crew)
– RUBÉN GARCÍA (roadtrip crew)

Theatre Thursday – Rapha Core Film

they do nice films they do


Rapha Core offers the essentials in performance and functionality. Consisting of a cycling jersey and shorts for men and women, the collection is nothing more and nothing less than the basics, perfectly crafted to set the new standard in everyday ride wear.

Film Wednesday: ReEvolution Teaser

One final paragraph of advice: do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am – a reluctant enthusiast….a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it’s still here. So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, the lovely, mysterious, and awesome space. Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain in your head and your head firmly attached to the body, the body active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound men and women with their hearts in a safe deposit box, and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this; You will outlive the bastards.”
Ed Abbey

Armstrong – the video to watch (wait for it)

The Armstrong Lie Official HD Trailer

In 2008, Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney began making “a feel-good movie” on what he believed could be one of the great sporting comebacks as Lance Armstrong sought an eighth Tour de France title; five years on, his finished work, The Armstrong Lie, instead charts the downfall of a legend.

The film, made by Sony and due for release next month, received its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival in Italy in September, and a trailer has been released.

Gibney and his crew received unprecedented access to Armstrong both ahead of and during his 2009 comeback, when he finished third in the Tour de France, and following his confession to Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

Speaking about his film, which had the provisional title The Road Backwhen shooting began, Gibney says: “In 2008, I set out to make a film about a comeback. Lance Armstrong, a man who had cheated death, the 7-time-winner of the Tour de France and an inspirational figure who had raised over $300 million dollars to support those afflicted with cancer, had decided to return to cycling.

“Though he had been dogged by accusations of doping, he was going to return to the sport, at the ancient age of 38, to prove to everyone that he would race clean and still beat the field.

“I almost finished that film. Then, in 2011, I sat with my jaw open as I watched Tyler Hamilton on 60 Minutes reveal, in detail, how Lance had doped,” he went on.

“I was there in Austin, Texas, when Lance shot his interview with Oprah. I interviewed him briefly a few hours later and saw, for the first and only time, a slump in his shoulders that showed some kind of vulnerability.

“Then, a few months later, I interviewed him again. The subject of our talk, and my new movie, was not about the bike. It was about the lie. The Armstrong Lie.”

Gibney and his crew received unprecedented access to Armstrong both ahead of and during his 2009 comeback, when he finished third in the Tour de France, and following his confession to Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

The movie also includes interviews with several people who formed part of Armstrong’s inner circle including the banned doctor, Michele Ferrari, and former US Postal, Astana and RadioShack team manager, Johan Bruyneel.

Others appearing include witnesses to the United States Anti Doping Agency’s investigation such as Frankie and Betsey Andreu and Jonathan Vaughters, and journalists including David Walsh of The Sunday Times.

The video below is of a press conference about the film at the Toronto International Film Festival last month in which Gibney, the film’s producer Frank Marshall, Betsy Andreu, journalist Bill Strickland and Jonathan Vaughters talk about the documentary and Armstrong’s career.

Skip forward to 12 minutes into the video for the press conference.

Jordy Smith film coming and it looks good

Jordy Smith’s latest film “NOW NOW” is unadulterated surf porn. It’s less about the editors artistic impression, and all about what one of the most relevant surfers in the world is doing between dawn and dusk.

Jordy Smith stormed onto the World Tour in 2008 with no apologies and no prisoners. Since first pulling on a ‘Smith’ jersey, he’s brought home victories (J-Bay), accomplished personal goals (winning outside South Africa, in Rio), clocked 10s (everywhere) and shown us all how endearing the transition from cocky benchwarmer to graceful batsman can really be.

Watching all 6’3″ of him hospitalise a beachbreak end section or man-handle a Cloudbreak freight train with equal panache will steal your breath. But Jordy doesn’t just dance for the judges – 2013’s been a year in which he has shocked with freesurf clips, it was only a matter of time ’til we would be gifted a digital extended play.

Welcome to NOW NOW, a collage of moments tagged and bagged during the first six months of this year. Filmed in Mozambique, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia, one simple mantra has kept Jordy’s batteries charged and allowed us the pleasure of NOW NOW: “I just want to go surf. That’s what I want to do.”

Jordy commented, “This movie kinda just happened, I wasn’t really expecting to drop another movie so soon after Bending Colours, then I did a few trips down to Mozambique to test boards and get dialed for Snapper and scored some epic waves.”

“I love Durban, its probably the best place in the world to get clips. The waves are so consistent and super hollow and rampy. I’d seen a few of the young Brazilian kids sticking backflips which got me amped. I ended up sticking two big ones in Ballito, that’s when I realised that we were sitting on some sick footage & had to make this movie”

On sale Friday 13th September 2013 on iTunes


Danny new film

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 21.35.14

Two years in the making, street trials rider Danny MacAskill releases his brand new riding film. Whilst previous projects have focused on locations and journeys, MacAskill’s Imaginate sees Danny take a completely different approach to riding. Enter Danny’s mind and enjoy.


Documentary of Marco Pantani’s life and death coming next year

The life of the late Marco Pantani, the last man to win the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France in the same season, is to be the subject of a feature-length documentary called The Accidental Death of a Cyclist to be screened in cinemas in the UK in May next year, reports Variety.

Pantani died of cocaine poisoning in a hotel room in the Adriatic resort of Rimini at the age of 34, the compelling story of the supremely talented but troubled cyclist’s life and the circumstances of his death being the subject a number of books including Matt Rendell’s The Death of Marco Pantani.

It’s not clear whether the film’s title is a direct reference to Nobel Prize winning playwright Dario Fo’s work, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, but if it is, and you’re familiar with how that work ends, that may be a clue to the conclusion of the  film. Or we could just be reading way too much into that, and the conclusion may simply be that his death was just that, accidental.

According to Rendell’s LinkedIn profile, he has worked on the forthcoming film, which will blend race and news footage with dramatic reconstructions as well as interviews with friends and family.

The film is being made by London-based New Black Films and directed by James Erskine, who previously collaborated with the production company on One Night in Turin, which followed England’s journey to the semi-final of the 1990 FIFA World Cup, and cricket documentary, From The Ashes.

Erskine will co-produce the film with Victoria Gregory, who has previously produced works such as Senna and Man on a Wire.

“This is not just a film about cycling, but a psychological exploration of what drives athletes to compete; the masochistic pursuit of victory, to the point of self-destruction,” said Erskine.

“It will look in detail at the nature of what it means to be a sporting champion and what great victories mean, in the controversial context of the doping allegations that continue to plague the sport.”

The film will also be available on DVD through Channel 4’s 4DVD subsidiary.

The executive producers on the film are Robert Jolliffe of Goldcrest Capital and Dominic Schreiber, rights development manager at 4Rights, who said: “We’ve been big fans of James and Victoria’s work for some time.

“After the success of Senna, it’s clear there is a real demand for well-crafted films that combine stunning archive with brilliant storytelling.”

First / f1rst a film about mountain destroying

Now I don’t downhill and I can’t imagine going through a rock garden with little visible effort like these guys but watched this film tonight (on my racer on a turbo trainer) and enjoyed it. As a film maker I would say there wasn’t enough tension built into the film no sense of (to use the dreaded BBC execs terminology) jeopardy. Doing interviews after the fact recounting the year is always going to get a reflective process instead of pure raw emotion. ….. My guess is access was a problem but in your face interviews throughout the year would have better revealed the racers mind.

Still however a good film … It’s on Lovefilm for the UK crowd so you can watch online ….

Here is a preview…

Take the time to watch this film – great storytelling and a great race

CRITICAL FILM – A documentary about a very special weekend in July of 2010. A weekend of unconventional cyclocross racing. It only took 126 km of dirt, gravel and cobblestones devided in 4 stages between Dresden and Leipzig, 80 racers, 9 hours, 35°C, 600 liters of water, a ton of food, a world cup quarterfinal and many many enthusiastic souls, to make this an unbelievable experience.

They call it “CRITICAL DIRT – A study in crossification”.

e r t z u i ° film has captured this event along the dirt with our very own perspective.

Thanks to 12rec Netlabel, Earstroke Records & Karl-Marx-Stadt for the musical support.

Sponsors of Critical Dirt:

Independent Fabrication (Ken Bloomer of Crema Cycles)
Fixie Inc.
Chris King
Cosmic Sports
Bike Department Ost Leipzig

Riding giants

I must have seen this countless times but it always amazes me……

Sujit R. Varma
A semiserious, often rollicking, multigenerational insider’s look at the origins of surfing, the colorful and subversive birth of surf culture, and the mythology and lure of the big wave. This passionate and fluid film is without question the first authentic history of surfing from its humble Hawaiian beginnings to the big business it became to the still-rebellious universe it inhabits today. Riding Giants is a study in individuality and freedom, the pursuit and techniques of pure kinetic pleasure, and the risk taking and attitudes that characterize its leading figures.

For some viewers, this is perhaps more than they ever wanted to know. But Peralta’s detailed knowledge of the surfing lifestyle, its icons and locations, its boom and exploitation by the media, and the fascination it has held for young men for more than five decades is unparalleled and fuels this expedition for the expert and initiate alike. Closely chronicling the sometimes-life-and-death drama that big-wave riding entails, Riding Giants is an often-mesmerizing visual thrill ride. But the most appealing aspect of this often revelatory documentary is the realization that the man versus nature dialectic never ends; the search for the ultimate wave and the spiritual pinnacle can only be pursued but never reached. — IMDb Plot: Riding Giants (2004 Documentary)

I don’t normally like skating stuff – but this is sweet. Tony Hawks smoother than a cashmere codpiece

Recent skate footage from Tony Hawk, shot in California, Sweden and China.

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Sweet doccie on Bike Couriers

Apparently a student doccie that the guy made in 1997

bike couriers in London – wild time, wild skills, wild luck. Back when the capital was a dangerous place to commute – I lived in London 1995-2000 was scary with blacks cabs seemingly on a hunting mission.