Yesterday’s Kite Session on GoPro

Not the nicest day with overcast skies and rain – but a good chance to try out chest rig and board setup for the GoPro HD

The board mount is not the easiest and tried hard to tighten the camera enough but got knocked forwards by the waves a few times. Chest harness good but kind of gets obscured by the harness on jumps – I guess another reason to learn to do all jumps unhooked.

Nice to on the DCboardz quad fin surfboard again as well.

Taking Filming to a new level – Radio Control Helicopter filming

A quick test of our new RC Helicam at the new Austin skatepark. Thanks to Mikey for getting up at 6am!!


Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

Filmed on the Canon 7D

Canon 7d attached to RC helicopter at Austin SkatePark

Lovely Film – canoe camping

6 hours of kayaking the ceredigion coastline, on route to our little secret cove, only accessible by the sea. We fished, we dove for crabs and then we feasted with our friends around the campfire, before crashing out on the sand…to paddle back the next day.

Camera work: James Bowden & Alastair Humphreys

Music: Bianca Meier ‘I walk this earth’

Rapha – A throw of the Dice – Ridley Scott Associates

Another beautiful film with Ridley Scott Associates … and Rapha HERE

Rapha and RSA Films present three short films inspired by the people, places and stories of road racing. Johan Museeuw, Sean Kelly and Dario Pegoretti are celebrated in three cinematic portraits exploring the passion, history and drama of the sport.

Based on a trio of story-labels originally found inside the Rapha Club Jerseys, each film brings a new translation: The intense dreamscape of Nick Livesey’s ode to Johan Museeuw, Adrian Moat’s tale of discovery inspired by Sean Kelly and Ben Ingham’s intimate view of Dario Pegoretti in his workshop, all powerful representations of three distinct icons of road racing.

Glasgow Bike Shed Film Finished

very happy with this shot over 3 morning 2 hrs apiece then edited in 4 hours yesterday. Fantastic music by State Broadcasters.
Shot on Canon D5 mkII and mainly a 35mm 1.4L and Voigtlander 58mm 1.4. Sound recorded on Zoom H4N.