Goodbye Garmin

Not bad for a working week – working 7 days a week so fitting in the exercise is important. Trying to get over an hour a day of exercise – really want to lose some weight and get a bit quicker … my runs have been slow since the cold.

This is a goodbye to Garmin Training Log as well as moving on to Movescount the Suunto calendar and community page. Just sold the Garmin 405 to a pal and looking forward to trying out the Suunto T6C which should be waiting for me at home.

Flat out puffed after 5-a-side in 45 degrees C

Needed sugar – rarely get these craving for coke or any can of sugary crap but completely conked today playing a game of 5-a-side (well actually 4-a-side really) at 4pm when it was still 40 degrees.

completely knackered – it is 10pm now and going to have to crash. Think I may have got slight heat exhaustion … wore a HRM and my max hit 180bpm which is higher than it should be really … must be the heat.

Kirroughtree 10 – 2010 ‘mud and mayhem’

Change over for teams

How good was that?

Total Shock and Awe on a bicycle. Quite possibly the best biking weekend of the year so far – went down Friday after putting the girls to bed. The team were registering so I didnt have to and after one dropout we had to rejig teams so i was put in a team of 3 with two other teams of 4 taking part.
Staying in something called Conifers – a mtb’ing owner so friendly reception.

nick either fired up or needing a poo

My nice teamates made more than a few comments about the big front wheeled 96’er ‘clown bike’ was a bit harsh I thought …. but i was to be vindicated.

After the crappy internet entry and bad updated website the No Fuss organisation for the day was good, top course and perfect enduro setting and then the rain really started.

1st lap - and this was in the dry

It rained – it was muddy – the loops off the regular trail broke up immediately and slithering and OTB was the order of the day for most on the downhill sections – saw an ambulance (or 4) take away the badly injured and that doesnt count those had to get taken to A&E to patch up by their mates. Ramon after getting a bright pink bandage on his first lap – baled again on the second – hit the same spot but this time made a whole right down to under muscle.
Great mortals just let rip across the routes and mud and somehow made it to the bottom (in most cases). The race was cut short by an hour due to deteriorating conditions and after certain sections had been closed – so i had to miss my 3rd lap and instead have a massage and a beer while john was still out on the course. This did not detract from the challenge or the sense of achievement.

Garmin Screen 1
Garmin Screen 2

Nick came in for the team of 4 with only 10seconds left on the clock – they had done 7 laps along with the other team of 4 and we in the team of 3 had only managed 8 laps in the 9 hours.

After my second lap - much muddier

Stuart after his first lap

Carver did me pride as the clown bike survived 2 foot drops into mud potholes without flipping me over the bars like all the regular riders. Never bailed once just one clumsy sidefall on mud and a few dabs on the course. Respect though to a singlespeed 29’er and a mad man on a cyclocross bike.

Stayed a night down there but even my bike was a bit damaged as the Rohloff cable was fecked by the mud.

race numbers stopped some of the spray
Mark and sore shoulder - the second most injured in our team

another 10km race

5:15am - sunrise blurry eyes

Flew out of Iraq Thursday on a 11:30am flight – but the day started a bit earlier as there was a 10km race organised that morning. At first I was in two minds as to whether to bother, as I have been hitting the gym well the gym bike for at least an hour a day in preperation for the Kirroughtree 10 hour race. Come 5am and my alarm went off – straight out of bed and bleary eyed across the base to the run site.

more t-shirts I wont bother wearing again

6am came quickly and ‘bang’ we were off. Was planning to take it easy – a long time since I have run 10km quickly … but my pace felt good and finished around 10th in 43m40s

Lap times / split per km

…. temp always seems to add about 3 min to run time – would have been nice to run sub 40 but in 30C+ that is asking a bit too much for my body.

Then went back quickly packed and jumped on a plane …. a good start to a boring travel day.

nice hotel bed to finish the day

Thinking of a race

There’s a 10km race next week the day I fly out of this dustbowl – 6am start and I think I have to leave for airport at 9am so that should give me enough time to travel, run, shower and eat before I leave. 10km run and haven’t done one for a while so this morning I set my alarm for 6am (after a late night watching the USA-Ghana game)

round the lakes

Not so hot today but was already 30 degrees …. never went quickly just put the miles under my belt. Wasn’t really looking at the Garmin HRM as I ran only afterwards – my lap times pretty consistent (after the first one where I was still waking up) so I guess I was definitely  in my cardio zone groove.

consistent split times

Might hit the gym tonight – trying to make sure I do an hour a day on the bike in preperation for my 10hr marathon mtb race relay next week. Should be good fun.

Saturday Run

‘The good news is that it’s a lovely day, the bad news is that the temp is already 94F …’ this was at 6:40am and the race was due to start at 7am. Started my watch 100m in so left it running for 15 sec at the end – prob a bit more on distance.

Heart Rate and Speed

Today was hot and I struggled around the normal 5km course (which included a finish running up the hill – OUCH thats got to hurt)

t-shirt time for the first 300

Apart from a loose shoelace and about 10 seconds lost retying it – the race went well. That last hill was bad passed 3 on that bit alone and came in 19th – one of the chaps that I passed was about to ‘chunky chuckle’ – he didn’t look very happy.

Sportypal has a nice 3D view


Army Day 7km Run

5am out of bed … why do I do this. Grabbed a small bite to eat and glugged some water then went over to Liberty Base. Today is hot, far hotter than I like. Nearly 7am (the start) and the temp is already mid 30’s C

baghdad army day 7km run

We started and I was leading for all of 500m – very strange for me not to see people in front of me … didn’t last that long and by 2km in I was down to to the 20’s in position. My pace was slowing quick so I started ticking off the things that could be slowing me down …. jetlag … heat …. slight cold hanging on ….. no running for the past 3 weeks …. all bad.

Half way through I took some water at the feed station and threw the rest of the water on my head – that felt a lot better.

Sped up towards the end and passed a few that were burnt out and cramped.

Not the best run but still better than being pistol whipped by the Mujihadeen.

And another t-shirt