Multi One Design championship – the real Formula One of sailing

just the look of this prom gives me goosebumps ….. 70 foot try doing battle around the world. The sailing world has a lot to thank the French for – they really pioneer the best while the AC crowd bicker. This Volvo Ocean Race and the match race championship get me going.

The Krys Ocean Race will be first international event of the new MOD 70 circuit . The race will leave New York July 7th, 2012. The European Tour will follow in September 2012

The Boats involved

This latest generation of absolutely identical trimarans aims to combine modernity and performance, safety, reliability and cost control.
Measuring over 10 feet in length (21.20 metres instead of 18.28 metres), the MOD 70s are less beamy than their ORMA ancestors, the latter reaching 18 metres.
Seven specific features, which favour safety and reliability, whilst guaranteeing performance, can be noted:



  • 1) Smaller sail area (5%) providing more safety when ocean sailing 2
  • 2) Longer central hull (10 ft) to minimise pitchpoling 3
  • 3) Raised beam clearance to reduce wave impacts 4
  • 4) Possibility to lift the centre hull rudder
  • 5) Curved foils for more performance and safety 6
  • 6) Shorter monolithic canting mast (+/- 8%) positioned further aft in the hull 7
  • 7) Low temperature cured carbon fibre & foam sandwich construction


  • • VPLP Design Office(Fr): Designers, architects office
  • • NORTH SAILS (USA/Fr): Sails, 3DL, unique one-design sail wardrobe


  • • CDK Technologies (Fr): Project manager yard, assembly
  • • Decision (Sui): Boatyard, construction of the beams
  • • Multiplast (Fr): Boatyard, construction of the floats
  • • Lorima (Fr): Construction of the masts and booms

The revival of the oceanic multihull: 

The 1980s represented the advent of the multihull with a number of fabulous projects, though all too often they were overambitious. From that point, all the protagonists were keen to redefine a framework with strict dimensions: it was the birth of the 60 foot multihulls; a class measurement which would then form a unity within a class known as ORMA (Ocean Racing Multihulls association), which was governed according to an open class measurement.
After 15 years of adventures offshore and following the Route du Rhum 2006, the ORMA class ended up undergoing massive change: changes of status, an evolution in the Board of Directors, the nomination of a new President, Patrick Chapuis, and an Executive chairman, Franck David.
It was at the start of the Vendée Globe 2008 that Stève Ravussin and Franck David, who has accompanied the former in his various sailing projects since 1999, presented the Multi One Design project to Marco Simeoni. Its ethos centred on completely identical oceanic multihulls.

The concept of everyone racing on an equal footing on the ocean planet appealed to the Swiss company director. Indeed the latter didn’t think twice about investing in and working on the idea, initially refining the overall concept by bringing an international and eco-friendly dimension to it! Marco Simeoni signed an order for five MOD70s, which was the starting point for “The Multi One Design Story…”.