Garmin Fenix – software update 2.9 – suddenly becoming a fitness watch

I made a little observation the other day on the Garmin Fenix about how it was tracking even in the city

I made a not then that the frustrating part was the inability to use it in the gym very well (there is a section where you need to set it to track by distance and not by time otherwise you get no summary) but now with version 2.90 of the software they have addressed some of the problems.

First, they’ve added a new mode – INDOOR – which turns off the GPS and allows you to record activities while inside. There are new data pages for this mode – I have data pages set up already for running cycling and kitesurfing and at first I was a bit peeved that i had to enter everything again. But then if I am indoors I do not need to know the grade of hill I am on or the elevation gained so the setup is a bit cleaner with less data.

The other change for indoor mode that counts is that they are now supporting the ANT+ footpod. Mine of course is on loan along with my FR60 to a friend so not much use for me here in Istanbul and my treadmill runs but i will reclaim it and use it when I go home. It will also be good outdoors and will add a step count and cadence profile to my runs.

Apparently whilst the speed distance cadence ant+ sensor is supported – it only works with cadence. So turbo training sessions are a bit of a pain – for me this is less of an issue as I have an Edge 305 but for a 1 item / multisport solution it is lacking. Saying that – the fact there have been 3 quick software updates means they are listening and changing so expect that to be added soon.


Long ride today but nowhere to go (or at least i don’t want to)

Becoming soft …..

Outside it is pishing down with rain and cold and I am supposed to do a 2 hr ride with intervals …. So plan B – iPad and movie too ….

Slow run this morning and gloomy outlook at winter

it’s been a strange week since the jedburgh half marathon my motivation to exercise has waned slightly in the intervening period – I’m finding it difficult to resolve myself to the fact that winter has once again set in. one of the plans to overcome this lack of enthusiasm is to buy myself a bike trainer for using indoor during the winter.


Part of me thinks that buying a garmin HR monitor is not the best option and I should spend my money more wisely one that gets me fitter and that I will be working out on every night here in the house.
I am no expert on bike trainers there is a fluid version which is a supposed to be quite realistic and then there is also a Lemond version which gets rid of the back wheel and prevents wear and tear on my beloved pinarello. The real expert on all things Roadie is desertroadie (occasional writer on the blog) so I will have to bother him soon to get his opinion on which is the best.

The actual truth is I will probably buy both as the foot pod calibration is once again out on the fr60 – my run this morning seemed to be a very slow 9.11km but mapping it later it seems to be at least 9.5km. My supposed quick fix at the running track to make it 100% accurate (was 25m over in 5km) has now made it worse …. Will get there eventually. The great thing – well another great thing on the list of great things about the garmin 910xt – is the fact that the gps can auto calibrate the foot pod whilst getting a good signal meaning that the foot pod is highly accurate at those time when gps gets sketchy. This dual gps / foot pod thing is also something the polar rcx5 does …. Which I bore myself saying – I would have bought had the belt been ant+ …. But that is a rant against suunto and polar I have been having for a while now.