Ouch ….

A man aged 47 was lofted yesterday by the wind while practicing kite surfing in the area of Les Marines of Denia (Alicante), Spain. After passing over a five story building, he flew more than 300 yards inland and landed on the roof of a cottage, according to the initial report to this newspaper sources of the fire brigade of the town.

The result of falling initially on the roof of the house and then two other roofs of lower height thereafter, the man suffered a deep wound in the head, multiple injuries and a broken leg. After being rescued by firefighters a SAMU(EMS) took him to the Hospital of Dénia.

According to some sources, the accident occurred early in the afternoon as the man was practicing kiteboarding with a group of experienced kiteboarding friends.

Apparently, multiple witnesses indicated the strong gusty wind recorded yesterday caused him to lose control of the kite and elevated above a building of five stories and sending him soaring 300 meters inland to land on the roof of a three-story house. He then moved from one roof to another until finally coming to a stop.

This was the most serious incident recorded yesterday because of the wind, which also toppled trees in enclaves like the Garden of Turia, in Valencia, and forced firefighters to perform about one hundred services related to falling branches and trees, panels and other elements that were at risk of falling.

Gusts of up to 80mph!

 The wind blew hard throughout the day across the Region, with gusts reached 80mph in Font de la Figuera, 78mph in Agres, and 63mph in both Fontanars as in Chelva, as reported Valencian Association of Meteorology (Avamet).

From the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) explain that the gusts registered afternoon in the three provinces were related to the passage of a band of weak precipitation without rays, which was accompanied by gusty wind and thermal drop about seven degrees. Passing this band of rain, gusty wind ceased and the temperature rose, but remained below previous values, with a very significant drop compared to previous days.

Sport and your chances of dying ….

Infographics! Man they’re cool (even if this one is more US centric). This one is wild, illustrating your chances of dying from doing anything from skiing to playing football to smoking to driving. Which activity do you think is the most deadly? Scroll down…

Tour of Flanders Race 2012

Yesterday i tuned in in to watch as much of the tour of Flanders as I could – Mr Cancellara bit the dust at a feeding station which is hugely unlucky …

immediately it seemed half the Radioshack team stopped in case he needed pacing back to the front … as it happens 3 or 4 fractures in his collarbone meant he was out and then the escape was away …

also injured after going over the bars very hard was Langeveld who also broke his collarbone … watching the spectator trying to get out of the way puts the speed into perspective

this from the Telegraph article

The 31-year-old – previously a winner in 2005 and 2006 – beat home Italian duo Filippo Pozzato and Alessandro Ballan in a sprint finish to the 255km race.

Boonen admitted that he hadn’t been very confident of winning when he was left with just the two Italians for company.

“However, the wind was my ally. It was very tough to cycle alone in the last 8 kilometres (with the two Italians).

“The victories record is the cherry on the cake, it only adds to my happiness. To have my name alongside names who have entered the history books in this race…

“This season, I knew that I could equal or beat quite a few records. But to win my favourite race three times is special.”

His task had been made easier when Switzerland’s Olympic time-trial champion Fabian Cancellara, the winner in 2010, fell 62km from the finish and was later diagnosed to have broken his right collarbone in three places.

Cancellara, who was one of the pre-race favourites for the second one day classic of the season, will be transferred to a hospital in Baszel, Switzerland, where he will undergo an operation.

It brings a premature end to his classics season which had seen him highly favoured for both this race and the Paris-Roubaix next Sunday.

“I saw him fall, he was right beside me, and I all but went with him,” said French champion Sylvain Chavanel.

“There were water bottles all over the road. He flew through the air. He was very unlucky.”

Boonen too was sorry what had befallen his rival.

“It’s a shame. The race would have been different with him in the mix.”

Boonen – who was aided by Chavanel in regulating the pace after the peloton regrouped with 39km to go – was left with just a group of 10 other riders after a crash after 221km had split the peloton.

Ballan made a break for it on the third climb and was joined by Pozzato and Boonen with 17km to go, with the trio gradually extending their lead.

Boonen – who was world road race champion in 2005 and has won the Paris-Roubaix three times – was recording his eighth win of the season and third in 10 days.

Boonen said that a fourth Paris-Roubaix next weekend was not out of the question.

“I have won a fair few races this season and my confidence has returned,” he said.

“Paris-Roubaix? It would be fantastic to win it after having won the GP E3, Ghent-Wevelgem and the Tour of Flanders.

“I am going to try. It is a race that suits me better than the Tour of Flanders.”

UCI Cyclilng Men World Tour, Tour Des Flandres, Oudenaarde, Belgium

Leading final positions after Elite Men (Brugge – Oudenaarde 256.9km): 1. Tom Boonen (Bel) (Team: OPQ) 6hrs 04mins 33secs, 2. Filippo Pozzato (Ita) (FAR) at same time, 3. Alessandro Ballan (Ita) (BMC) at 0.01, 4. Greg van Avermaet (Bel) (BMC) at 0.38, 5. Peter Sagan (Svk) (LIQ) at same time, 6. Niki Terpstra (Ned) (OPQ) at same time, 7. Luca Paolini (Ita) (KAT) at same time, 8. Thomas Voeckler(Fra) (EUC) at same time, 9. Matti Breschel (Den) (RAB) at same time,10. Sylvain Chavanel (Fra) (OPQ) at same time

Selected others57. Ian Stannard (Gbr) (SKY) at 3mins 26secs DNF:Jeremy Hunt (Gbr) (SKY)

Back on my bike

After a seemingly 2 month gap convalescing in one way or another I am back on my bike … quite literally. Now that my knee can bend 90 degrees I have pulled the bike in from the garage and the turbo trainer from upstairs …. the physic warned me that the first stint would be uncomfortable but it would get better as i warmed up.


So nothing extravagant just a low impact spin ….. but boy does it feel good.


Also been trying out the Running Free Online website which allows you to import data from a multitude of devices an has better analytics than most …  Here is a screen grab of the analysis from the the half marathon shown above showing distribution of effort over hr and various others …. still evaluating …

running free online graph


Using a TENS machine (well the EMS part) for sports injury

Today i shocked myself as advised by the yoga therapist …..

If you’ve had a muscle injury, there’s every chance you’ll benefit from EMS devices at surgeries, hospitals and gyms – that’s because they are commonly used to treat muscle groups affected by sports injuries.
Most EMS devices contain sport programmes and recovery programmes to effectively relieve minor aches and pains from your muscle workout.

A rehabilitation program should be designed with seven essential principles in mind: 2 main objectives and individual long and short-term goals.

Principles of sports rehabilitation:

  • Avoid aggravation – do not make the injury worse during the rehabilitation
  • Timing – rehabilitation should be started as soon as it is possible without aggravating the injury
  • Compliance – it is imperative you carry out the rehabilitation program in its entirety
  • Individualization – each athlete is different. The rehabilitation response will vary from patient to patient
  • Specific sequencing – incorporate all components of physical fitness as part of your rehabilitation program
  • Intensity – without aggravating the injury rehab should challenge you and progress your fitness
  • Total patient – it is important not to just focus on the injured part but to offer a holistic overall body rehab approach

The 2 main objectives of sports rehabilitation are:

  • Prevent deconditioning as a result of the injury
  • Rehabilitate the injured part

How EMS Works 
EMS devices have become quite popular in sports injury rehabilitation. When a person has a muscle injury, the electrical current produced by the EMS machine stimulates the muscles. This stimulation triggers repairing of the muscle tissue.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Devices produce electrical signals that stimulate the nerves. The devices are normally connected to the patient through electrodes that are held in place with adhesive. By placing the pads on a certain set of muscles, and then sending the impulses via the EMS unit, the muscles will react by contracting and relaxing. The resulting contractions are much like the contractions that take place during regular exercise.

Depending on the area that requires treatment, a practitioner can switch the voltage for different pressure points on the muscle. The low voltage reduces pain and stimulates the muscle tissue. EMS devices help stimulate muscle tissue that may not be affected by regular exercise routines. They will stimulate damaged muscle tissues resulting in repairing, toning, and strengthening of the damaged tissue. Wherever the tissues are damaged, EMA devices will stimulate the fibers to various degrees and patterns. These patterns will create a different response from the contraction. Programs are designed to improve exhaustion resistance, endurance, and promote muscle healing. The purpose of using EMS on athletes is to shorten recovery time so they can return to the sport.

4-6 weeks injured

This is me awaiting attention in A&E

And no the injury is not the result of the fashion police giving me a beating due to the fashion police taking umbrage at the fact that sandals (ESP Birkenstocks of the vegan wearers) and socks are a faux pas of note.

This is the end result of another tweak sustained today on top of two previous tweaks on top of the original kneeing I had in my hamstring in 5 a side game 3 weeks ago. Today was the last straw and I finished the afternoon whimpering quietly unable to stand. Got dropped at A&E before the busy Saturday night custom (a Celtic football game today is sure to bring some injuries in) started and was seen relatively quickly.

The diagnosis – torn muscle fibre although hamstring still attached. Given crutches and painkillers and told to use leg although no sports for 4-6 weeks. First vasectomy laid me flat for 10 days then 5-a-side game has meant 3 weeks not doing anything with another 4 at least to go. Thats 2 months of nothing ….. Going to have a busy spring to get fit again.

OK – I am tired of being injured

Following the accidental kneeing of my quad in the game of 5 a side football 2.5 weeks ago I have been laid low. The badly bruised leg was recovering when I went sailing and promptly fell into the cockpit of the yacht and wrenched my leg again. So bruises on bruises and then more tripping and I fecked it even more. So now I have a leg I can’t bend more than forty degrees and that cuts out all exercise.

Once I can bend the leg I will go back onto the trainer and start spinning that injury away. Here is a sad pic of the monthly exercise durations and note that January doesn’t look like it is going to get any better. Today I even went for reiki in an effort to shift the energy. That and drugs and massaging should get me back to happy state.

Still hating 5-a-side footie

My ankle is still killing me; the soft tissue damage seems to have lasted longer than I expected.

2 hours later

My foot is now strapped in an elastic ankle strap. I can safely say that at 40 my career in five a side football is now officially over. I think I will stick to this less dangerous sports like kite surfing and mountain biking.

24hrs later and really really hurting - bruise line to sole

Ouch my old age

5-a-side BAD

That just might be my last game – whether it is getting clattered and dislocating my finger or this swollen ankle where I turned quicker than my feet. Right ankle horribly swollen and have just bought elastic bandage as I am flying in an hour and that lower pressure will make it all puff up. Age is crap.