The Klein has gone out of my life.

It is a bit of a sad day as I boxed up my Klein and it sits dejected in it’s cardboard coffin awaiting despatch to a new land and new life.

Isn’t it strange how we personalise our bikes (and boats) we give them a personality that perhaps we wish we had? This is the Klein that after all was a replacement frame for my original red Klein that cracked … I don’t think I bemoaned the loss and replacement of that one.


This is the bike that I won my first mtb race on – this is the bike that I used to ride around Lions Head in Cape Town and across Table Mountain.

this is the bike that was charged by a 90kg alpha male chacma baboon when I screamed down a trail too close to his pack …. I screamed longer than the bike screamed.

This is the bike that moved with me back to the UK – that I raced my first mtb marathon on – and came 11th.

This is the bike I cycled over my first munro with ….

It is the bike that I did epics on … And it is is the bike I couldn’t sell when I got a titanium bike.

This is the bike that blinged up as a single speed with it’s white fat franks and was cool when all the other fixie boys where trying so hard to be cool. This is the bike that I could cycle across town that could bounce of kerbs and could hit potholes without the slightest judder ….
This is the bike that I attached a tag-a-long to when taking the kids on adventures ….

This is the bike that I loved.

A sad day: Toys being sold – KLEIN ATTITUDE with Pace Forks and 2 wheelsets



Moving house and storage is going down so we are selling bikes – 3 0f them at least.

First Up The Klein

Attitude Race Aliminium Frame S/M 2002 – only 2.8lbs in weight. (which cost £980 when new)

There are two wheel sets with the bike – A rolf Propel lightweight race set shed with bling Schwalbe Fat Franks. Gearing is 32:14 on this set.

offroad wheel set is a mix (rolf Propel UST at rear with 32:16 setup) this is shod in a Larsen TT UST tyre

Front is a Michelin XC – slightly chunkier front tyre for both a bit of shock and really great grip. Hub is Hope Pro3 and the rim is a MAVIC 819 tubeless.

Pace RC31 forks

Pace RC31 rigid forks are some of the lightest fromt MTB forks around.

Klein’s legendary paint job with very few nicks and cuts ….

Broken apart everything will fetch 800ish and more on flea bay (where it is heading next) but would prefer to sell as whole …. SOLD SOLD SOLD sniff ….

The transport for nursery trips

Sometimes the simple things are so good – dropped the you gets (elfin iPad) youngest off at nursery this morning. She only goes 2 days a week but it is good that she know fits the tag-a-long as she is getting more chance to pedal on the 6km trip there, in preparation for more solo rides.
There are hopefully enough lights, reflectors and Dayglo jackets to allow even the most myopic retarded car driver to spot us.

Klein denuded and pimped as retro street bike


tr.v. de·nud·edde·nud·ingde·nudes

1. To divest of covering; make bare.

In a time where everyone on the street is riding fixies and it is becoming more and more difficult to keep that cool street chic going. A whole industry is catering for those desperate to be individual, it reminds me of that great writing in Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN (paraphrasing)

Brian: “Look, you’ve got it all wrong! You don’t need to follow me…
You’ve got to think for yourselves! You’re allindividuals!”
Crowd: “Yes! We’re all individuals!”
Brian: “You’re all different!”
Crowd: “Yes! We’re all different!”
Man: “I’m not.”
Crowd: “Shhh!”

So take that with a pinch of salt and looking at my own stock decided to use my lovely Klein as a town bike. It’s been a singlespeed for a while with 2 seperate wheelsets a 32:16 for offroad and a 32:14 for road use.

What better bike could you have for the city? One that has fairly slick tyres for speed and has volume and robust components that allow you to smack kerb drops, self-damage yourself but not the bike in potholes.

It stands out – 2 people today commented on the bike….

What bike do you own that you could pimp up yourself? Let me know and send me a pic ….


I escaped on the bike – a day less working

Managed to escape the edit and get out in daylight … we went as a family down the road to Mono to hear a music session. Frightened Rabbit were playing one of our favourite bands … first however past an exhibition where we spent £250 on a new painting for the house ….

at the lights

Ruby 6yo rode her IslaBike and Bella was on the back of the Yuba Mundo … I got to ride the Klein Single Speed – sexed up with the (easy to puncture) Schwalbe Fat Frank white treads.

There is alway time to stop and practise balance with the family – a life work balance