Lock 7 Bike Cafe London

What is the ideal place to while away your time?

A shop that sells great coffee and snacks combined with a bike shop where you can buy things, get spares as well as having your bike serviced or checked. Now in the UK there have been places that have registered on my radar for a while. One of my favourites is muddock cafe in Bristol – more of a restaurant and a bling bike shop downstairs. Although easily accessed by the stairwell they are separate. The restaurant has got the odd frame hoisted in the rafters so the bike theme is continued.

But on the recent trip to london I made the pilgrimage to lock7 cafe and bike shop which is just down the road from Broadway Market. The Market itself is lovely – coned off on the weekend we were there with stalls selling fantastic food as well as the odd clothes,crepes and sausage stall.

full rack

The bike shop itself is situated a 100m or so further down the road and is graced with plenty of bike racks outside, although when we visited every rack was double booked either with repairs waiting for collection or visitors who were enjoying the area.

italian twins

There was a lovely Cinelli bike on the first rack, that I was ogling but it was removed and ridden away by a feisty looking female fixie before I could have a second ogle and take some more pics.

Entering the shop the shop reception is right in front of you where they can either book in your bike for a service or take your order for a flat White or both ….
They have a decent range of goods on sale from inner tubes to brook saddles although they are not really a bike shop in that they don’t sell complete bikes themselves.

I bought my coffee – looked at a t-shirt I should have bought and bought a spare inner tube for the brompton and another one for the 700c wheeled pinarello.

They had some whacky frames on the wall that complemented the theme of the shop …

Not sure if they were sculpture or a frame that could actually be ridden but interesting shapes and put me in mind of those of the Mad Max bikes that I have written about in the past.

This area of London – the precious east is an area that seems to have embraced cycling the most with the most interesting facilities, shops and cafes – I hope it continues to grow and prosper.


47lbs love muscle

If you are the cyclist who likes the look of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento then there is also a bike for you to go with it. While the car is all about lightweight the bike is all about heavy steel and mad max rage.

TREK BROADSIDE – you will feel manly on the bike up to the point where you smack your nuts on that top tube ….

nice pipes

So that got me thinking to other mad max bikes and then I thought that Trek had obviously reworked the theme from in-house and more specifically from Gary Fisher. They have this on their own website which is a more subtle version.


and then there are the more extreme versions of big wheel bikes like this …

The famous Black Sheep Beast

from handmade show

Think this is their Zamer showbike: