Not all bike things are fun

My significant other once dismissed my moaning at fixing her puncture as ‘but you love this’

Correction I don’t ….
So tonight I was on a repair mission. Jolene has had 3 punctures on the glass strewn streets of glasgow over the last two months – I would blame her not avoiding glass but that is difficult when it is winter and the lights don’t really pick out the debris. Also the Stelvio Lights are only really a choice if you have smooth pavement and no crap to deal with – the amount of glass i fished outof the treads during the last repair was scary ……
So last week I was in Istanbul working and she suffered yet again – but took my bike to work until an icy day where she lost the bike on a corner and went smack down badly bruising herself and snapping off the wee hook that hooks the front wheel onto the rear triangle when folding. So two bikes out of commission.
So ordered tubes and tyres from SJS – schwalbe marathon plus ouch they cost – and a replacement hook for me.

The bikes are filthy too so got well mucky although will give them a clean over the weekend and oil them again – only doing 50 miles a week but the bikes sure get messy.

So two bikes back folded and content ….. Must get out for a ride instead of just turbo action ….


Glasgow Half Marathon

I am just up to the computer now after doing the Glasgow Half Marathon 1:30:36  – having a massage (very nice too) and a spot of lunch.

the route

This morning cousin Benji came across to race as well – he did a 1:38 3 weeks ago and has a PB of 1:28 but both of us thought a 1:35 time was on the cards so we were probably going to run together.

Glasgow was mobbed – we must have been a good 100m from the front – luckily in the first group to go – so the off was more like a slow amble and then the first 2km were just weaving through people / runners I suspect not entirely truthful about their finish times and maybe a bit closer to the front than they should have been. Well actually maybe it was simply that i was too far back because in 21km only a handful of runners passed me and I must have overtaken a good 1000 others.

Perhaps the euphoria of always overtaking explains my time … I felt great and was feeling very fast and steady. Ran with cousin for the first 5km and then gradually edged forward and lost him about the 9km mark. Whenever there was a corner I looked back figuring he would reappear at some point but it wasn’t to be today. As I was crossing the bridge a few km from the finish i figured i was doing well and thought it may be possible to pass the 1H30 mark easily besting my PB of 1:31:27 …. well as it happens it wasnt to be. Still managed to leg the last section past a Mr Weavy – one of those runners doing the weave of fatigue we have seen in old marathon films. Then as i crossed the line felt great then looked ahead as a runner was emptying a bright orange stomach content a few foot away – I did not need to have seen that ….

The glasgow course is great – pretty flat and apart from my little moan about the crowded start was a fun event. Well marshalled good water points and managed to see a few faces i knew ….

At the end my gps (and cousin Benji’s said it was over HM distance … his said 13.3miles and mine said 21.3km – so only a bit over. If so I broke my record for the official HM distance. HUZZAH

Did you run Glasgow today? If so let me know

A slower run and a longer look

Sometimes it’s the simple things that we take for granted that would give us the most pleasure just back from a run around Glasgow Green and having to take it a lot easier than normal in order to keep my heart rate below a certain level I found myself looking around a lot more and sometimes are looking around in these slower runs – you see things which you don’t normally seen on a normal run birds rowers- the list is endless.

strava route

This was part of my half marathon training which dictated running at least an hour and keeping my HR below 75% …. It a lot harder than you think – luckily the polar RCX5 does my thinking for me and beeps if I stray.

level HR

Selkirk MTB marathon review and thoughts

Went down on the Saturday afternoon and saw a lot of cars with road bikes heading in the opposite direction after the sportive. Event camping was  in Selkirk. After weeks of rain the weather forecast was true and good and after a cold clear night where the temp in the car got down to 1 degree C – the blue skies and May sun woke the riders up and set the tone of the rest of the day.

After the ride got off at ten o’clock with the Championship riders leading the field out it only took a little more than three and a quarter hours till the leading championship riders came back into the event village.

Go rohloff Go

Highlights of the race were the scenery in general and the sections of trail centre singletrack at Innerleithen, part of the renowned 7Stanes network. This part of the Scottish Borders is stunning, with rolling hills as far as the eye can see, gorse in full golden flower, and a superbly remote feeling. I do however have a gripe – being mid field some of the technical single track sections were really bogged down up to 20cm of mud and quite unrideable. Hate to think what the riders 300places back would have thought.

Feel that they could have had multi sections were another option was opened after the first 250 riders passed through … a minor gripe and just that i would have loved to ride it all instead of having to walk 3 sections.

always suspect something when a camera and puddle are this close together …
there was also a section where the 70km (actually 60km if I had another moan) came back to join the 45km lot and there was a hill that i didn’t see anyone ride – up to 22% according to the Garmin … again think the organisers should have picked a gentler route this late in the ride as it is the people on the 45km course that they really should encourage to come back and a 600m walk will not help them do that … Then a lovely descent – most people like me just riding down the side of the heather … a few of the full course 85km guys came flying past as well … then the water pic above – need to buy the Hires version for vanity reasons ….
Lastly the finish and another t-shirt which i said No to. The race must appeal to people that care about the environment and then they give out cheap horrible t-shirts that no-one with any fashion sense would wear out … they should copy the marathon and run events and give out small medals instead …
finished but hot
Must say that the greatest post finish bit was the routine …
3. Get a physio
4. Eat … and Eat again. 4300calories leaves a dent.
ride profile

it’s all about the taper

Selkirk MTB marathon on Sunday – Anyone else doing it and still deciding whether to enter the long or medium ride. (reminder to oneself check weather then decide)

So last nights 5 a side game was my last exercise …. taper down now so that I am super fresh for Sunday …..

Polar Training load – looking nice and low for Sunday …