what 5 a side looks like on gps

My friend Tom asked what 5 a side looked like on a gps or Strava … well here Tom this is for you.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 09.51.41


pretty accurate for something that has a 5m accuracy. It isn’t telemetary but it gives a good idea of the pitch covered – a full 11 a side pitch would be much more accurate in terms of area covered.

i use a Garmin Fenix HRM GPS – like this one here – fantastic – esp now they have dropped in price


Took the Plunge and went for a new Polar HRM

The RCX5 with GPS. The truth is I love Polar HRM and like their analysing software. The things I used to hate was their lack of ANT+ and the fact that using a MAC used to be a no go.

They have changed slowly and although the RCX5 is not as good as the RS800 – it has a look I prefer. I was umping and aching over the new Garmin 910xt and the 610 but I find them ugly (although this is a completely subjective fashionista statement)… I guess I am a square (fan).

Anyway review to come I am sure.