Rainproof iPhone holders: JerseyBin Waterproof Cycling Pouch (via All Seasons Cyclist)

These look perfect – must get me some.

JerseyBin Waterproof Cycling Pouch Every once in a while you find a cycling product and you know instantly you must have it. When I saw an ad for JerseyBin Waterproof Cycling Pouches I ordered three pouches immediately, and when they arrived a few days later it took all of 30 seconds to realize they were exactly what I needed. JerseyBins are lightweight, waterproof pouches that fit perfectly in your back jersey pocket. JerseyBins are constructed of 10 gauge vinyl and, depending on … Read More

via All Seasons Cyclist

The Rain Cape (via cork grips)

a perfect post for Glasgow where my commute has seen rain every day this week ….

The Rain Cape The first time I saw someone wearing a rain cape I thought, “wow, that guy looks totally strange, why wouldn’t he just wear a rain jacket like a normal person?” after which I inspected my wet pant thighs and thought a little more about how such a garment could be pretty useful- regardless of how funny one might look wearing it. From a cyclist stand point, there is much to be gained from wearing a rain cape versus a regular rain jacket which the d … Read More

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